Thursday, April 5, 2012

Holiday in England!

Sorry for my lapse in posts, but I have been away this week. My boyfriend's cousin was getting married in England so we have been on holiday this week. Since his family lives here, my boyfriend has been many times, but this was my first trip to England. We have had so much fun doing all the typical touristy things and of course, shopping, but more on that later.

We got back to the States today and I'm already planning many haul posts for this coming week. I was very excited to hunt down certain items I have seen from Uk bloggers and I was mostly successful in my searches. I was also determined to visit Lush in every city we went to that had one. I am quite pleased that this was another success.

We have spent most of our time in Reading, Oxford and London. Reading has a great shopping center called The Oracle. It was there that I found Lush #1. In Reading, I also picked up some things at Boots.

In Oxford, we went on a bus tour of the city, toured Christ Church College, toured Oxford Castle, found some great pubs and did some shopping. I stumbled upon a Topshop and hunted down Lush #2.

In London we went on the London Eye, visited Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square (which I was familiar with thanks to my Nails Inc. polish) St. James' Park, we saw a play in the west end, and of course, found Lush #3. In London, I also got some nail polish at a Sally Beauty Supply store (not like our Sally's, but I thought it was funny that the name was the same), and a bunch of things at Superdrug & Boots. 

At the airport, I could not resist picking up 2 Mac eyeshadows that I waited to long to get in the states.  Even at duty free I ended up paying more for them than I would have here, but ah well. I shouldn't have waited so long :)

The only items that escaped me were the LE Blush Palettes from Seek (sold out everywhere I looked) and I could not find Topshop Razzmatazz.

So, thats it for my wordy, pic-free post :) Many Haul posts to come this week as I unpack!

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