Monday, April 16, 2012

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish: Trafalgar Square Swatches

My very first magnetic polish! Nails Inc. Trafalgar Square

I actually purchased it a couple months ago, but never used it! woopsie! I have since purchased 2 magnetic polishes from China Glaze and I am excited to see how they compare.

The magnet is a wave pattern and is housed in the removable cap. It also has a little lip to rest on your finger that makes it easier to hold the magnet close to your wet polish without touching it, which I still did a couple times!
one coat - before magnetic effect
I first painted all of my nails with one coat of Trafalgar Square. The first coat was a bit streaky with a few bald spots.  I then applied a second coat to one nail at a time and held the magnet over the wet polish for about 20 seconds.  The second coat smoothed everything out and covered nice and evenly.  I was also really impressed with the magnet!  The design came out crisp and clear every time. Without the magnetic effect, this is not a polish I would wear... I think ever.  Silver frost is not my jam! It is amazing what a difference a little magnet can make!

I love how it turned out! The design also seems to shift a bit as you move your hand.  Hard to describe and impossible to capture in photos! Well, maybe you can see it if you look at the difference in my pointer finger in the photos above and below.

My only criticism of this polish, and all magnetic polishes, is the magnet.  I have very curved nail beds and the magnet is flat, so the design does not reach the sides of my nails as you can see best in the photo above.  The effect is still cool, but I think it would look much better if it reached across my entire nail.  So, those of you with flatter nail beds might fare better with these magnetic polishes.

Have you tried magnetic polishes?

What is your favorite brand to use?


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