Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oxford Boots: Soap and Glory Haul

 I keep hearing about Soap & Glory and I have really wanted to try it.  Nearly everything in England is more expensive than it is in the states, but this brand seems to be one of the few exceptions! At Boots, the travel sizes are £2.50 and buy 2 get 1 free.  AND, Boots was having a promo spend £10, get a free Foam Call Body wash! So, everything above I got for £10! woot woot!

I was really impressed/confused by their extensive line of body scrubs. I got 3 to try out. I will let you know later on how they compare. Then I got 2 different body butters and 2 different body washes.
I bought this the day before when I popped into Boots for a drink. I saw it was only £5 and it is $10 here in the states so I snatched it up. I did not notice the promo or I would have bought 2!  Out of all the Soap & Glory Products, I have wanted to try Hand Food the most. I go through hand creams like crazy.

Have you tried any Soap & Glory products yet?

What is your favorite?

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