Friday, April 6, 2012

Pre-Vacation Rite Aid Haul

So, before I left for England I needed "a few" things and that sent me running to Rite Aid the day before I left.  I picked up more than a few things... I really only *needed* makeup remover wipes, polish remover wipes and a travel sized toothpaste.  I don't think you are interested in seeing my toothpaste, but here is everything else that found its way home with me...
Party of Five Glitters,  Hannah Pinktana, Gray's Anatomy
How I Met Your Magenta, Saved by the Blue, Buffy the Violet Slayer

Need a Refresh-mint, Pretty Woman Magnetix (no color name, deep plum) and poo! no magnet! it should have 2! I hope I still have my receipt!
I blame the impulse polish buys on my fellow bloggers for putting many of these colors on my wish list & this amazing Rite Aid.  The Rite Aid closest to my home, which I usually go to, has a terrible product selection. They rarely offer le collections and always get the newest products really, really late. Also, they did not have nail polish remover wipes that I needed for my trip so I went to a huge, well-stocked, lovely Rite Aid in the next town over. I found much more than I was looking for!

All Rite Aid Renewal Brand, Acetone wipes, Nourishing Nail Polish Remover,  Strengthening Nail Polish Remover

I wanted the remover wipes to take on my trip, but I was also completely out of nail polish remover.  I was previously using (and enjoyed) CVS brand's Strengthening Nail Polish Remover so I figured I would try the Rite Aid Brand next.  I had never seen the "nourishing" version so I picked that up, too.  I have since used the wipes and I did like them. I used 2 wipes to remove the Whimsical/Blue Lagoon layering combo that I previously posted about 
Organix: Cherry Blossom Rose Water Refreshing Floral Toner &  Coconut Milk Hibiscus Gentle Foaming Cleanser
I have not tried any of the Organix face care, but these were 75% off and I couldn't resist trying them at that price!

Renewal Makeup Removing Cleansing Towelettes, NYC Sunny Bronzer
I was really impressed with Rite Aid's Brand of makeup removing wipes. The wipes were moist & thick and the formula removed my makeup easily without leaving a strange residue behind on my skin. The larger packs are a better value, but for travel (and to test them out) I bought the 10 pack.  I would definitely repurchase these in the larger size.

The NYC bronzer is a long story... I don't know if any of you follow Sam Schuerman. I started following her on You Tube a while back and she is hilarious. You really should check her out. But anyway, she always uses this bronzer so when I go to my terrible Rite Aid (over the past 6 months) I pass by the NYC display and see an empty space where NYC Sunny should be. I haven't actively searched it out. I know I could order it online or travel to another store, but I really don't *need* it, it was just on my radar.  But, on this trip to a lovely Rite Aid it jumped out at me, so I had to take it home :)

 I guess I was already in vacation mode when I went to Rite Aid, ah well... no regrets :) except for my Magnetix missing magnets! grrr...


  1. I just picked up a few of those wet n wild polishes too! Grays anatomy is amazing:)

    1. That was the one that I was most excited to find! Can't wait to try it :)


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