Monday, April 9, 2012

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty

I spotted Sally Hansen's Yellow Kitty in a clearance bin at my Rite Aid a couple weeks ago.  I have no yellows in my collection, so I picked it up. Yellow is not one of my favorite colors in general, but I thought it would be cute for an easter mani. And, who could resist that name! I had to say it out loud before I got it, lol. Yellow Kitty :)

 I was fairly pleased with how it came out. This is 3 coats, but I think I would have been happier with 4.  I painted my nails on "Easter Eve" and was too tired to paint the 4th coat.  In most lighting it was opaque with just the 3 coats, but in bright sun and in the photo above with flash there is a bit of visible nail line.  As for the color, I was surprised at how much I really liked it.  It looks like the color of little baby chicks :) Very Festive!  I don't think I will be reaching for this one very often, but it certainly has its place in my collection.

I hope everyone had a happy Easter! This is what I woke up to Easter morning! My bunny knows my weakness for peeps!

Do you have a favorite Easter nail color?

How about a favorite Easter Candy?

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