Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sinful Colors NEW Energetic Red! Swatches

I bought quite a few new Sinful Colors polishes this week! Rite Aid is having a buy 1 get 1 50% off sale, plus when you buy 2 you get a $2 +up reward, and they have a bunch of new colors so I couldn't resist!

I am loving this color! This is one coat of Energetic Red 1122 with no top coat.  It is a beautiful, bright, orange red, perfect for Summer! I love this as a mani and I can't wait to try it out on my toes! What a perfect pedi color! I think it will be even more lovely once I get a bit of a tan.

This photo is in natural light.

 I found Energetic Red in the Wow! Pop! display at my Rite Aid. The display also had Big Daddy 850 which is also part of the regular line and I picked that up too. In person, there is more of a difference between the two than there is in the photo above. Energetic Red is more of an orangey Red and Big Daddy is a redish Orange.

Very Bright Sunlight - Energetic Red 1 coat, Big Daddy 3 coats, Energetic Red 1 coat

Indirect Sunlight - Energetic Red 1 coat, Big Daddy 3 coats, Energetic Red 1 coat
The formula is quite different. Energetic Red is opaque with one coat while Big Daddy is very sheer. At 3 coats I still had a visible nail line. As the color builds, it does look more and more similar to Energetic Red, only very slightly more orange. Indoors, you really can't tell the two apart unless you are really trying.  The difference in opacity gives it away.  Outdoors, in the sun, you can see the difference in color.  They each have a place in my collection, though.  I will probably use Big Daddy for layering (I smell a jelly sandwich! haha) and I will wear Energetic Red more on its own.

I also picked these up from the Be Fierce Display. They look similar to the Nicki Minaj Collection, but I do not yet have those polishes so I can't say if they are dupes.  The glitter certainly is not a dupe and it is also part of Sinful Colors regular line.

I can't wait to try these out and show you swatches!

What do you think? Have you tried any of the New Sinful Colors polishes?


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