Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bye Bye Loves: Makeup and Candle Reviews

Bye Bye Loves are not all loves... sometimes there are duds. But, these are honest reviews on products that I have used in their entirety or in rare cases, products I could not stand to use and go straight to the trash.

Kiss My Face Coconut Pineapple SPF 15 Lip Balm - $3.49 Kissmyface.com
Well worn as you can see! I usually lose or get tired of a lip balm before I finish it, but this one got all used up!  It had a really nice texture, almost like a more solid vaseline.  It also looked really shiny on my lips, which I liked.  The flavor/fragrance was also nice and subtle/mild.  Kiss My Face is a great, natural, cruelty free brand and these balms have only natural flavors.  They are really moisturizing and have SPF 15.  I will repurchase for sure.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eyeliner - Pack of 3 for around $10 varies by store
This is the Brown Pencil from the Brown Eyes Trio.  It is a really nice medium to dark brown, perfect for my everyday use.  It applies easily and lasts all day without smudging, creasing or transferring and has minimal fading.  I really like these liners and will repurchase.

Smashbox Bionic Mascara - $19 Smashbox.com
I LOVE every single Smashbox product I have ever tried... until this one.  It was awful. A very wet formula that just clumped my lashes together.  I also don't think the brush was doing this mascara any favors. (see photo below) I tried using it so many times because I thought it must be me.  No $19 mascara could be this bad!  But, I just couldn't get it to work for me.  I even tried to let it dry out a bit with no luck.  It stayed too wet until it was too clumpy.  This one went into the trash barely used. Sad times. Smashbox is one of my favorite brands!

Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara Black - $18 Sephora.com
Not to be confused with Flawless Definition VOLUMIZING Mascara, and at first I was :) The Volumizing version is my "old faithful" mascara.  I try others, but I always go back to it. I got this little mascara in a set and didn't even realize that it wasn't the Volumizing version until I opened the tube.  The brush is thin with those short, plastic nubs, not the traditional brush I was used to and I was so confused, lol.  The packaging is so similar; the only thing missing is the word Volumizing!  I did enjoy this mascara and grew to love the unfamiliar brush.  It really did a great job separating and defining each lash.  Aside from the brush, it is very similar to the volumizing version.  It defines my lashes nicely; It is very black and never clumps. It lasts all day with no flaking or smudging. Not surprisingly, the biggest difference in the performance of the two is that this mascara is a bit more "natural" looking while the Volumizing version is... you guessed it! volumizing! lol I do notice that my lashes look just a bit fuller with the Volumizing version.  It is really a very subtle difference as both mascaras deliver a natural look. No crazy spider lashes here!  I would certainly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a more natural looking mascara that delivers perfectly defined lashes.  

Top: BE Flawless Definition Mascara, Bottom: Smashbox Bionic

Slatkin & Co. Leaves 3 Wick Candle - 14.5oz. $19.50 bathandbodyworks.com
Leaves is one of my favorite home fragrances. I buy one every Fall.  It is warm and spicy, but not too spicy. Strong cinnamon fragrances give me migraines and so many Fall and Holiday scents have strong cinnamon notes.  This is one of the few warm, spicy scents that I can enjoy.  I am not the greatest at describing fragrances but I get a spiced apple cider with a hint of citrus and something else I'm not sure of.  Slatkin & Co. candles burn really well, too.  They burn really evenly and fill the whole room with fragrance.  I will definitely repurchase this again.

Yankee Candle Simply Home Fresh Eucalyptus - 7oz. $15.99 khols.com
This candle smelled amazing in the jar, very clean & fresh.  It burned nicely and evenly, too.  It just doesn't give off a lot of fragrance when it burns.  That is the problem that I have had with almost every candle I have tried from Yankee Candle.  Every now and then I pick one up to try, but it always seems to be the same problem, not enough fragrance.  I won't be repurchasing this one.

So, that is it for now! Now I can empty that trash bin and start again :) I hope to do these Bye, Bye Loves posts monthly. Thanks for reading!

Have you tried any of these products?
What do you think of them?
Are there any you are planning on buying soon?


  1. I've heard so many people rave about Leaves! I have to pick it up this Fall :)

    1. You should definitely check it out. It smells the same when it burns as it does in the jar. I am very rarely disappointed in Slatkin & Co. candles.

  2. Leaves is my all time faves from BBW. If you have a BBW outlet near you, you might be able to score another one.

    1. Thanks! I will have to check out the outlets (somewhat) near me and see if they have a BBW outlet!

  3. Great post! Thanks for commenting on my empties!
    I loved the bare minerals volumizing, too bad you picked up the wrong one lol, they look identical!
    Also I need to try out the leaves candle, Ive heard its great :)


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