Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rite Aid Clearance Haul: Revlon Mascara and Eye Shadow Swatches

You can click the photo to enlarge and read the color names.  The matte on the bottom left that is not labeled is Aubergine.

 With the exception of Wet N' Wild, I really don't buy a lot of drugstore eyeshadows. It has been a long time (I'm talking years) since I have purchased a Revlon eye shadow, so when I saw these on clearance for $1.32, I bought one of each shade available! I was excited to swatch them.
Aubergine - a matte dusty purple.   For a matte, it was very creamy and easily blended.

Violet Starlet - a pinky purple with silver pink and blue glitter.  This has the same glitter as Black Galaxy below.  It was creamy and blended easily. I think it will be lovely paired with Aubergine above.
Polished Bronze - a shimmery, golden bronze. Hello Lover! This is my favorite of the bunch! I love colors like this year round, but especially in the Summer.  I think Polished Bronze & Rich Sable (below) are going to be best friends this Summer :) It is very pigmented and was also the creamiest of the bunch.

Rich Sable - a matte brown. It looks a little chalky in my finger swatch, but it feels soft and creamy.  It is not very pigmented and applies much lighter than it looks in the pan, but I still liked it.  I will surely get a lot of use out of this one!

Black Galaxy - a charcoal gray with silver, blue and pink glitter.  This one was nicely pigmented and easily blended.
I couldn't resist trying out a new mascara for $2.24! Although, if I like it I won't be able to repurchase it.  I am pretty picky about my mascara so I just picked up one, but there were a few left.  The wand looks really cool. You turn a dial on the wand to change the way the bristles are configured to achieve different looks.  My Buxom mascara is almost finished and I think this little baby just jumped to the front of the line in my backup mascara basket :)

Have you seen these on clearance in Rite Aid?
Are you now going on a hunt for any of these?


  1. I like the eyeshadow colour. you so lucky to get it on sale.


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