Saturday, May 12, 2012

Zoya Carly (Surf Collection) and Wet N Wild Jewels for Your Highness (Be Jeweled) Swatches

Zoya Carly (Beach - Summer 2012 Collection)
I really like Carly! And, this is only 1 coat!  The formula is amazing, smooth and opaque. It is a deep plum with a metallic finish that appears speckled with silver.

Sally Hansen Double Duty, Zoya Carly, WnW Jewels For Your Highness, INM Out the Door Top Coat (yeah, I finally chose a fast drying top coat to try out and I am pretty sure it has changed my life :)

On my middle finger you can see how Jewels for Your Highness amplifies the speckled effect of Carly.  I just put 1 coat of JFYH over Carly so there are not as many of the larger glitter pieces but lots of the fine pink and silver glitter so really adds to the speckled look.

Here you can see the glitter in Jewels for Your Highness.  There is very small silver & pink glitter and larger silver, pink & blue glitters.

Have you tried either of these polishes?

Are you glitter obsessed like me?  I used to avoid glitter polishes at all costs but now I can't get enough!


  1. O.M.G super sparkley, super pretty, I love it! I am gliter obessed I have more glitter polish than anything, without purposely buying more glitter. I mean its not like I go to the store and hunt down all their glitter polishes, I just kind of gravitate to it naturally next thing you know I have so many it ridiculous. I mean I guess thats a good thing, one can never have to many glitter in their life. right?

  2. I am not a glitter fan, although lately I have found some that aren't too horrible in my eyes! The polish blog world is corrupting me!

  3. Oh this is gorgeous. I love the sparkles so cute.
    Now following your blog hun.
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