Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jelly Sandwich: Julep Lily and a nameless Franken from Lynn at Oh So Lacquered

I got my very first franken from Lynn at Oh So Lacquered during her blog sale in May.  She has an amazing blog and you should totally check it out if you don't already follow her.  She told me that this polish was her very first attempt at frankening!  It is beautiful!  I have been really interested in the idea of frankening, but I have yet to try my hand at it.  I have started collecting some supplies, though so I hope to create my very first franken of my own soon.  But, if you follow me, you have heard that before :)

Anyway, on to the jelly sandwich!
Here you can see the damage I did to Julep Lily with this one mani! I love layering, but it sure eats through a bottle of polish quickly!
Just look at Lynn's beautiful franken!  What should we name her?
The photo above and the one below are 2 coats Lily and one coat of Lynn's franken, pre-sandwich :) If you want to see Lily alone, you can check out yeterday's post HERE.  
The fuchsia of the franken is a perfect match to Lily, but it is very sheer.  I can't wait to try it over white or a softer pink.
The franken alone didn't create a thick enough sandwich for me so I added one more thin layer of Lily.  I love, love, love how this mani turned out and I got compliments left and right!
It just looked so juicy! A juicy, jelly sandwich? haha... I'm going to stop talking. The last picture says it all!

Do you love jelly sandwiches as much as I do?
Do you have a favorite combo?

Do you franken? any tips?

Obviously Lynn's franken is one of a kind, but you can get Lily from Julep.com
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  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! And for loving my franken! It looks great on you, I love this jelly sandwich look - perfect combination! :)

  2. love those two colors together!!! you have such nice nailss im jealous

  3. I love the jelly sandwich look! And you're right- it is very juicy looking!

  4. No wonder you got so many compliments--this combination is just gorgeous!

  5. This is my favorite color! love this!


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