Monday, June 25, 2012

Julep Lily Swatches from the June 2012 American Beauty Maven Box

I got Lily in my June "American Beauty" Maven Box.  Click Here to see everything I got in the box this month. Julep describes Lily as a "sizzling, fuchsia creme," but she is actually quite jelly!

All the photos below are with 2 thin coats (after a day of wear -sorry!) I tried to take photos in different lighting because Lily really freaked out my camera!  It is a true fuchsia and at times can look more pink like my camera wants to show you, but in most light it has more of a purple hue that my camera had trouble capturing.

I think this last photo captures the true color of Lily best.

The visible nail line didn't bother me with this polish, but I was so excited by the jelly nature of this polish that I didn't leave it alone for long.  I wore this mani for 2 days before I turned Lily into a jelly sandwich. But, I will show you that tomorrow :)  

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What do you think of Lily? Have you tried her?
How about visible nail line? yay or nay?
Sometimes vnl bugs me and sometimes it doesn't. It totally depends on the polish for me.

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