Friday, June 1, 2012

LA Girl Disco Brites: Disco Inferno and LA Girl Fruity: Strawberry Delight Swatches

When I was in Rite Aid, I saw a display for an L.A. Girl collection called Disco Brites black light nail polish.  I can't really think of an occasion where I would be exposed to a black light in my daily life, but the colors are fun :)  

I picked up a few from this collection but the brightness of Disco Inferno drew me in first :)

Disco Inferno is an orange leaning Red. It is pretty sheer, like a jelly. I used 3 thin coats in the photo.  I love the color, very bright and Summery.  Be sure to use a base coat first, though because this one stained a bit.

When I spotted another LA Girl collection, Fruity, a line of scented nail polishes, I couldn't resist a few of those, either :)

I added 1 coat of Strawberry Delight over Disco Inferno.  I don't know whether to call it a large glass fleck or a small flakie, but the effect is really fun! I may have to pick up the rest of the Fruity polishes that I left behind.  I don't really care for the "scented" aspect, but I love the finish!  This one smelled a bit like nail polish & strawberries while it was drying, but once it was completely dry it didn't really smell much like anything, just a little sweet.

The flakes are mostly coral, but you can see some green & gold, too! The polish is very sheer.  I would only use this one layered as a top coat.  

I bought these both at Rite Aid if you want to find them.  With my Wellness Card I got them for $2.69, regular price $2.99.  They are also available at and right now the Fruity polishes are $3.50 and the Disco Brites are $2.50.

Has anyone tried these yet?
What is it? Flakie? Glass Flecked? I'm leaning toward Flakie.


  1. This us a great combo, perfect colour for summer. I like how the shimmer in the fruity polish is really subtle.

    1. Thanks! I was really impressed with the Fruity line.


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