Monday, June 4, 2012

Magnetic Monday: Magnetique Blue Nail Polish with Swatches

My amazing boyfriend picked this up for me at Rite Aid because he didn't think I had a star magnet and he was right!  There is nothing on the bottle to identify the brand, but I believe the display said Blue Cross when I saw it in the store.
I only used 1 coat for this mani. I painted 1 nail at a time and held the magnet over the wet polish for about 10-15 seconds. The magnet is on the top of the removable cap and there is no lip to rest on your finger so you do have to be extra careful not to touch it to your wet polish.  I must be getting better at this because I only had to repaint 1 nail that I hit with the magnet :)
I really love the color of this polish!  There are no color names on the bottles so I called this the Blue one, but it really is a teal blue with flashes of fuchsia and a deep purple.

I do have to work on my magnet placement, though! My pinky was my first and best.  It created a really clear star pattern that didn't quite extend all the way across my very curved nail bed, but pretty close! On most of my other nails the pattern was more off center like you can see on my ring finger. Even though it wasn't what I was going for, I really liked this effect, too.

Overall, I was really impressed with this little polish!  I definitely am going to pick up more colors if they are still available at my Rite Aid.  The bottles are .25fl.oz. and cost $4.99 and there are 3 different magnet patterns available.  

If you want this one it looks like a silvery, gray, blue in the bottle.  I believe it is the only one that is at all blue.  It would be easier if there were color names :/

What do you think of magnetic polishes?
Do you have a favorite Brand?


  1. I am loving magnetics right now! You're right--this is from Blue Cross, and yes, it would be so handy if they'd give any of their stuff color names. I guess they keep prices low by skipping that step. :)

    1. I am loving them, too! It is the easiest nail art! Thanks for the Blue Cross confirmation :)


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