Wednesday, June 6, 2012

OPI Haul: Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection, Nail Apps and More!

There is a salon near me that sells OPI for $5 so that is always the first place I go when looking for a specific OPI color and last week I was on the hunt for the Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection.

The Color of Minnie, Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It, If You Moust You Moust, I'm All Ears 
Who doesn't love Minnie? As soon as I saw photos of this collection, I knew I needed all of them.  Pinks and Reds are surprisingly lacking in my collection, plus I am a sucker for a cute theme :)

I was so excited to see these! I had only seen them on blogs and the average retail price of these was said to be $13. These were $8.95!

China Glaze Lorelei's Tiara, OPI Funny Bunny, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls 

These were my "randoms" of this shopping trip. Lorelei's Tiara was the last polish I needed to complete my Eye Candy collection.         
I have been looking for a nice white to use as underwear for my brighter polishes so I got Funny Bunny.  And, I gave in and bought My Boyfriend Scales Walls.  I already bought 3 polishes from the Spider-man Collection, Number One Nemesis, Just Spotted the Lizard and Into the Night.  I really want Shatter the Scales, too but can't seem to find it anywhere. Anyway, when I saw My Boyfriend Scales Walls next to a true white I decided I needed that, too.

Have you tried any of these?
Do you know where to find Shatter the Scales?


  1. You're so lucky to get those OPIs at that price, so jealous! Swatches soon? :)

    1. I know! Another Salon nearby sells OPI for $4! They don't usually get new collections, but I still stop in now and then to check it out :) I will get swatches up soon. Can't wait!

  2. I love love love the Minni collection!! What a great deal!

    1. I'm totally loving it, too! I will post swatches soon :)

  3. So many nice nail polishes. Who doesn't love Minnie is so pretty.
    I want also to take the opportunity to tell you that I am doing a small giveaway on my blog if you want to check it out :)

  4. I can't wait for the new Minnie collection to get in where I live! I usually don't collect whole sets just for the sake of it, but I want every single one of these. ;)

    I am so loving My Boyfriend Scales Walls. By itself it's close enough to white without looking like Liquid Paper nails, but next to actual white, that pretty grey tint really shows. Such a clever idea for a webslinger's collection!


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