Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wedding Weekly: Accessories (Nail Challenge Week 7) Stamping with LA Colors 559 and Milani Mr. Sandman

The challenge for this week was to create a mani inspired by the accessories from your wedding day.  It sure was a challenge for me this week!  All of my accessories were silver in color and I just wasn't feeling silver this week so I decided to create a mani inspired by my bridesmaid's accessories.

I used 3 coats of LA Colors 559 and I stamped Milani Mr. Sandman using my Salon Express Stamping Kit that I got from Rite Aid.

I got my bridesmaids Dooney & Burke wristlets, pictured above with their bouquets. So, the plan was to stamp a nude polish over a fuchsia polish, but I only have 3 tan nude polishes in my collection. 
First I tried Sephora by OPI Going Nude, eh? and it was too sheer.  Then I tried Nails Inc. Heathrow Matte polish and it was really opaque but it dried so quickly that I couldn't stamp a clean image.  So, the winner was Milani Mr. Sandman although I was trying to avoid using a frosty, shimmery polish just to stay true to the original inspiration.  

Then I freehanded the french tip to represent the trim on the wristlet.  Not exactly like the wristlet, but inspired by it :)  I like how it turned out, although I think the hearts are pushing my "cutsie" boundary. 

Here is LA Colors 559 all by itself. 2 coats.  It is a bit sheer and I later added a third coat before stamping over it.  It is a hard color to capture! Indoors it can almost look dark red, but it looks fuchsia in the sunlight.

LA Colors Color Craze BCC 559 is certainly one of my older polishes.  I don't remember when or where I got it and a quick google search tells me it is no longer available.  I was happy to show it some love this week.

I hope you are enjoying these Wedding Weekly Challenges created by Pink By Stephanie!  I know I am!  It is fun to share more personal photos with you. There is only 1 week left, but you can still join in!

- Link to your blog all the participants
- Be creative (You can use any technique) 
- Post the image of inspiration for all of us to see!  
- Share a little story about your day (optional) 
- Most importantly HAVE FUN WITH IT! 


  1. Nice manicure. Wouls also look great for for Valentines Day :)

  2. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx


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