Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wedding Weekly: Bridesmaids (Nail Challenge Week 6) China Glaze Agro

I was thinking about what to do for the nail challenge this week and I realized that I totally skipped over last week's challenge! whoopsie! So, I will do 2 this week to catch up :)

This week's challenge was to be inspired by my bridesmaids.  I love their dresses, obviously, I chose them! I was inspired by the color transitions of their green taffeta dresses.
I love this polish! I used 1 coat of China Glaze Agro from the Hunger Games Collection. That's it! In the light its golden shimmer makes it look lighter and brighter. It shifts between a golden green and a deep olive.  It is so beautiful I stopped right there.  I was going to stamp over it with a lighter green, but I loved it as is and would probably only ruin it with my amateur stamping skills.

If you enlarge the two photos above you can see the subtle holographic shimmer in this polish.  It is really subtle on the nail, but I think that is what makes this polish so interesting.

What do you think? Like? Love?
Have you tried Agro?

Here are a couple photos of me with my bridesmaids...

I hope you are enjoying these Wedding Weekly Challenges created by Pink By Stephanie!  I know I am!  It is fun to share more personal photos with you. You can still join in!

- Link to your blog all the participants
- Be creative (You can use any technique) 
- Post the image of inspiration for all of us to see!  
- Share a little story about your day (optional) 
- Most importantly HAVE FUN WITH IT! 


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower from A Polish Problem's most recent blogger roundup. This challenge looks so fun, I wish I'd known about it when it started! Agro looks lovely on you, and I love the color you chose for your bridesmaids' dresses! Nice wedding photos, too-- it looks like you had a really good photographer. :)

    1. Thanks! My photographer was amazing! And, I am so glad you found my blog! This challenge has been really fun, but it is almost over and I'm on the look out for a new one. Let me know if you see a fun one out there and I will do the same :)

  2. Are you KIDDING ME? Those are the BEST brides maids dresses I've EVER seen! Of course it's one of my favorite colors and I love Agro. You KILLED it! ♥


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