Monday, July 16, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: A is for Adina by Zoya - Swatches and Review

The lovely Gosia from Life In Color started a new nail challenge and I am so excited to join in!  Check out her post HERE for details and to join in, too!

The basic idea of this challenge is to show your polishes in alphabetical order.  The challenge runs for 7 weeks, so the first week is A, B, C and D.  You may also combine polishes in one mani, so it does not have to be 4 separate posts for 4 different letters.  For example, I have a layering manicure to show you for C and D.  You could even combine all 4 in a gradient! I love how flexible this challenge is.  It allows those of us who are somewhat challenged in the nail art department *ahem* to join in on the fun! I am going to try to only use untried polishes for this challenge.

On to the polish!

 Zoya Adina, Essie Blanc, Wet and Wild Black Creme

Well, my first post for this challenge turned out to be a bit of a fail...  I wanted to see how Adina would look layered so I layered 2 coats over Essie Blanc on my middle finger and 2 coats over Wet N Wild Black Creme on my ring finger.  All other nails just have 2 coats of Adina.  There really wasn't too much of a difference except that layering it made it a bit more lumpy and brushstrokey :/ Over white Adina looks *slightly* more purple and over black it looks a bit more green.  
I loved the way it looks on its own though!  It was smooth perfection in 2 coats and the green flash is really fun.  I would recommend wrapping you tips with this one, though.  I didn't and it seems to have shrunk a bit.

Here you can really see the lovely green flash in Adina.
Adina was part of Zoya's Reverie Collection.

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Check out what the other participants did for this challenge! Want to join in the fun? You can jump in anytime! Just let me or one of the other ladies know so we can add you to the list and link to your blog.


  1. Beautiful polish! Should be a fun challenge!

    1. I am so excited for this challenge! I just hope I can keep up with 4 a week :)

  2. Adina is sooo pretty! Nice first choice. :)

  3. ooooh nice!!! You know, you could use that Essie Blanc as your B polish =) But I hope you don't, I want to see more!!! =))

    1. Haha, I thought of that, but since I consider incorporating Essie Blanc a total fail I have another B planned :) I'm wearing it now and its gorgeous!

  4. I have a thing for duochromes. They melt me no matter what.
    And this one is not only one of the prettier and more unique in it's colors but it is also named almost as I do ;-))

  5. What a unique polish! I love it!


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