Thursday, August 9, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: O is for Orbit from the Revlon Moon Candy Collection - Swatches and Review

It is time for the Letter O in the Alphabet Challenge!  This is Orbit from Revlon's new Moon Candy Collection.
Natural Light - Shade
 The color is gorgeous.  It is about as dark as purple can get before being black.  Even in low lighting it is still clearly purple.
Indoor - Flash
 The formula... not so great.  It is pretty thick but it also dries really fast so you have to paint fast.  The above photos are 2 coats with 1 coat of Out the Door top coat.  A good top coat will be your best friend with the Orbit duo.  The top coat really smoothed out the uneven spots that this gloppy polish left behind.
Natural Light - Shade
 Then I added 2 coats of the flakie side of Orbit.  Also, thick and gloppy.  But, the flakies spread evenly and easily which pleasantly surprised me because some of the pieces are really quite large.  I added 1 more thick coat of Out the Door.  It made everything mostly smooth.  I can still feel a few bumps where the flakies are, but I can live with that :)  
Natural Light - Shade
The colors of the flakies are really beautiful and glowy!  They are mostly purple and blue with a few scattered green pieces.  You really have to click the photos to enlarge them and check out the glowy awesomeness!

While application was a bit tricky, I think this duo was worth the extra effort (and top coat layers.)  I really love the end result!  I think I will try to add some thiner to the creme side to see if that helps.

I bought Orbit at Rite Aid where they are $7.99, but I caught it on a 40% off sale.  The Moon Candy Duos are only .26 fl.oz. so I think $7.99 is a bit steep considering the formula flaws, but I would recommend checking them out if you see them on sale.  

Have you tried any of the Moon Candy Duos?
What do you think of Orbit?
Do you have a polish that is a pain to apply, but you love anyway?


  1. Never tried this duo but it looks pretty interesting!! Especially the flakies part!!
    And yes, I am willing to overlook the formula on a few beauties... Cinderella by Sinful Colors is one of them!

  2. It really does glow!! There are a few polishes that are a pain *coughs...Essie T&C coughs* that are still worth it for me.

  3. Ooooh man, I've been ignoring these but those flakies are awesome. Of course I'm going to have to scoop up like....all of 'em. LOL!


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