Friday, August 10, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: P is for Punk by Revlon - Swatches, Review and Stamping Fail?

I decided to use Punk by Revlon to represent the letter P today for the Alphabet Challenge.  It may be limited edition because there is no number, just the name on the top.

Punk is a shimmery, metallic, pale green which applied flawlessly.  I used 2 coats, but one careful coat would do.  Sorry I didn't take pictures before I ruined it stamped over it.
This was my first stamping attempt with a full nail design.  I used Mash plate #38 and Wet N Wild Black Creme.  I decided to try a design that wasn't too detailed or geometric so it wouldn't be so obvious when if I messed up.  Good thing I am so smart! haha!  I had trouble getting the design to transfer completely and I smeared it when I added my top coat, but guess what?  I still really like how it turned out!  All of the imperfection make it look more random than a well stamped pattern and I think it turned out kinda cool.  
It is a bit messy, but I think it worked with Punk.  It looks Punky right? :)
indoor - with flash

outdoor - shade
I really need more practice so you can look forward to more stamping fails from me :)  It is really quite fun!  Here's hoping that I improve!

I'm afraid to ask... What do you think? 
any stamping tips? :)


  1. it looks very punky!!!! I LOVE it!!! I wish all my stamping 'fails' look as if I meant to do them!!! yours looks really awesome I think!
    But we can be messing up together haha =)
    one tip about stamping and not transfering full images that I've solved: file your stamper with a nail file and wipe it with acetone. It made a world of difference for me!

    1. Thanks for the tip! I will have to try filing my stamper.

  2. It does look punky and I like it! I have yet to do stamping but I am really getting the itch! I tend to have a lot of fails before I get something to work though.

    1. me too! I'm sure there are more stamping fails in my future, but it really is fun :)

  3. It does look great. I looks like those manicures lately where they kindof string it across. Have you seen those? I love this pale green too. I've never seen it before.

  4. This looks great.. Nice and pretty.

  5. I agree with Essie Rae, it does look like that and I think it looks cool :) And the Revlon is a pretty!

    Filing your stamper as Gosia mentionned is a good tip! It's something you'll only have to do once though, when it's new it can be a bit too smooth to pick up images well. If you gently file it, you'll roughen it and make it easier to get good transfers onto your stamp.

    And a tip I used a lot in the beginning, top coat on your basecolor, then stamp. And keep a pad with remover nearby, so if it didn't turn out well, you can quickly wipe it off again. That your base ain't shiny anymore then doesn't matter, stamp again, and then you'll finish with top coat anyway.

    Oh and before you take a mani off, practice stamp on it first can help too :)


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