Thursday, August 30, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: Z is for Zesty Citrus by LA Girl - Swatches and Review

I want to thank Gosia from Life In Color! for starting this Alphabet Challenge! It was so much fun!  I am sad to see it end, but really happy to go out with a bang! I love the way this mani turned out!
 For the letter Z I decided to layer 1 coat of L.A. Girl's Zesty Citrus over 1 coat of my Y polish, Yoga-ta Get This Blue by OPI and then 1 coat of Out the Door top coat.
Blue + Yellow = Green so I saw that coming, but the way all of those little tiny flakies were glowing totally blew me away!  It was a real stunner in person.
 Zesty Citrus is part of L.A. Girl's Fruity line which consists of scented, sheer colors with tiny flakies or glass flecks... I really can't decide how to classify them, but I love them! Zesty Citrus smells just like the name suggests and it was noticeable, but not so strong smelling that it bothered me.  I would prefer them uncented, but I love, love, love the finish!  I have really been having an L.A. Girl love affair the past few weeks!

I bought mine for $2.50 at Rite Aid, but you can also find them on
I should have painted Zesty Citrus closer to my cuticle because you can see a blue halo in the photos, but it wasn't really noticeable in person.  What was noticeable was the way my tips got kinda frosty looking after I used 1 coat of Out the Door top coat! Grrr! Has that happened to anyone before?  My bottle is a bit more that halfway gone and it has thickened up a bit... maybe it needs some thinner?

What do you think of this combo?
I love it, but is it pretty or is it one of those ugly/pretty colors?  
I can't decide, but I do love it and I will definitely use this combo again :)


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