Wednesday, August 15, 2012

July Bye Bye Loves: Body Products

Creams and Lotions

Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa - Lay It On Thick Body Cream - 6 oz. $15
Thick is right!  I like to use this as a foot cream.  It is super thick and can feel a bit greasy.  I like to massage this into my feet before bed.  It really works wonders on my dry feet!  This cream now has new packaging, but it is still available.

C.O. Bigelow - Clementine Body Lotion - 2oz $5 from Bath and Body Works, but its no longer available
I picked up a bunch of these little lotions when they were on sale at Bath & Body Works, but they are no longer available there or on C.O. Bigelow's website.  If you are interested, maybe try ebay?  It is a nice lightweight, easily absorbed lotion.  The scent is also light and very fresh.  It really smells like clementines!  I really enjoyed using it and I'm glad that I do have back ups.  I probably won't go crazy trying to hunt it down when I run out, though.

Perlier - Chocolate Vanilla Soothing Hand Cream - 3.4 fl.oz. HSN Hand Care Kit $24.50
I like to buy Perlier products in sets on HSN.  Their kits are always a great value.  I linked a kit above that includes this cream, a hand soap and a cuticle oil for $24.50.  I bought this cream in a different kit, but I might pick this one up, too.  I have always wanted to try that cuticle oil and I already know that I love this hand cream!  The scent is sweet, but light and the cream is really moisturizing.

Le Couvent Des Minimes - Honey & Shea Repairing Hand Cream - 1.7oz. $14
This is my all time favorite hand cream! Full review Here in my last Bye Bye Loves post.

 Bath & Body Works - Black Raspberry Vanilla Anti-Bacterial Moisturizing Hand Lotion - 2 fl.oz. $4.00 from Bath and Body Works
These now have new packaging and this scent is no longer available, but I am looking forward to trying out new scents.  These are not the most moisturizing hand lotions, but I prefer them to anti-bacterial hand gels which can be drying.

Bloom - Energy Hand & Body Lotion - 1oz.
I can't remember what hotel I got this from, but it separated so this one is a toss, but it smelled nice.  Sweet, but very fresh smelling.

Bath & Body Works - Brown Sugar & Fig Body Lotion - 2oz. $3.50 from Bath and Body Works, but it is a discontinued fragrance
This scent was one I was sad to see go.  It was one of my favorites.  It is definitely sweet, but also warm and cozy smelling.  I always get compliments when I am wearing it.  I am glad that I still have some hoarded away :)

Shower Products
Philosophy - White Chocolate Hazelnut Cake 3in1 Ultra Rich Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash - 8 fl.oz.
Yum! I love Philosophy and their 3in1s never disappoint!  I usually use it as a body wash or bubble bath, but I do use it as a shampoo occasionally and it works really well that way, too.  Most 3in1s are rather disappointing as shampoos and I never feel like they get my hair really clean, but this one does a great job!  This scent was limited edition and I still have one more squirreled away :)  It smells delicious! Philosophy's scents are always spot on.
Spray Fragrance
JLo - Blue Glow - 3.4oz. Eau de Toilette Spray Price Varies (I have seen it online for around $20)
I got this on clearance from HSN just over a year ago.  I paid around $30 for a set with this, a body lotion and a tote.  I didn't expect to love it as much as I did!  I don't often reach the end of perfume bottles.  It was light and fresh with a touch of citrus.  Really, a perfect everyday scent.
Taylor Swift - Wonderstruck - Full Size 3.4 oz. $59.50
I bought one of those refillable, travel perfume atomizers from Sephora on clearance.  It has been a great way to use up my perfume samples!  I got one of these in my first Birchbox and the other was a free sample from Sephora.  Wonderstruck was nice, but a bit too sweet for me.
Hand Soap
Bath and Body Works - Winter Candy Apple Deep Cleansing Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap - $5.00
Christmas in July! haha! I let Mr. BeautyScraps choose what hand soap was next up in the bathroom.  I really like the deep cleansing soaps from Bath and Body Works, but the scent of this one was just okay.
Polish Remover  
Rite Aid Renewal - Nourishing Nail Polish Remover - 6 fl.oz.
This was fine.  Worked well and didn't do any damage to my nails.  That is pretty much all I ask for in a polish remover.  Wouldn't it be nice if there was one that smelled like chocolate cake and made you nails strong and your skin softer? oo and it could remove cuticles, too!  But, this one was fine :) it gets the job done.

I have a lot of empties this month so stay tuned for part 2 Face Products!
Have you tried any of these?


  1. I love Winter Candy Apple, and pretty much anything from BBW. :)

    1. I love so many BBW products, too! I am a sucker for their holiday line especially :)

  2. ohh such a fun post! something very satisfying to me to see some well loved used up products!! white chocolate hazlenut sounds amazingggg.. i am enjoying the melon daiquiri 3in1 right now and its super delicious, just wish the scents lingered on them!

    1. Thank you! There is something strangely satisfying about using up a product :) I wish the scents of the 3in1s lingered longer, too. I guess some people don't want to walk around smelling like melon daiquiris, but I am sure not one of them! They smell delicious!


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