Friday, August 24, 2012

Review: Birchbox August 2012

 Here is the whole haul! This month's Birchbox has a 'Beauty School" Theme.
Let's start with this month's "extra" which seems to be a new thing that Birchbox is calling "Birchbox finds" rather than the "lifestyle extras" that have been included in the boxes from previous months.
Schick: Hydro Silk Razor - $9.99 with a $4 off coupon for the refill blades
I have yet to try out this razor, but I could always use one so this was a nice addition to this month's box.  I think the added coupon for the refill was very nice, too. I'm sure I will use it.  I do like the idea of the "extras" in the monthly boxes being drugstore products, if that is what Birchbox plans on doing here. I'm not really too sure what this "Birchbox Finds" thing is all about.
DDF: Brightening Cleanser - 60ml - Full Size 250ml $38 (sample value $9.11)
I have only used this once, so I will give you the full low down in a future Bye Bye Loves post :)  My first impression is a good one, though!  It did have a strong floral fragrance, but it was pleasant so  the strong scent didn't bother me.  The cleanser was very gentle feeling and did a great job removing all my makeup.  The bottle states that it evens skin tone and smooths the skin's texture.  After washing, my face felt soft, smooth and clean, but I did not notice a more even skin tone with the first use.  I do really like this cleanser, though and I will let you know if I see more benefits with prolonged use.
Beauty Fixation: Makeup Remover - 3 swabs - Full Size 24 Swabs $5 (Sample Value $0.63)
3 swabs? Really? Really? Okay, this is where the box starts to go off track for me.  I feel like the rest of the products included this month are NOT deluxe samples.  I was really disappointed in the sample sizes this month, but I will rant about that at the end :) The swabs were fine.  Easy to use, removed makeup.  I'm sure they would be great for traveling, but I don't travel that much so I don't really have much use for a product like this.  I may pick them up for a trip, but most days I can put in *all that effort* and dip my q-tip into my eye makeup remover by myself.  You should check out Pink Sith's Birchbox post.  She has one of my favorite blogs, so that is reason enough to check her out, right? This month, she got the Beauty Fixation pre-tweeze treatment, and in a full size. Beauty Fixation also makes cuticle oil in this swab form, too.  Those would be handy for my purse!
Viva La Juicy La Fleur Eau de Toilette Spray - .05 fl.oz. - Full Size 2.5 fl.oz $70 (Sample Value $1.40)
I am not a fan of these sample perfume vials in my month beauty boxes.  I do love trying new fragrances, but I would consider a "deluxe sample" a mini bottle, not these sample cards that you get for free everywhere.  That said, I wasn't a big fan of this fragrance either.  It has a strong mandarin note and I would say it is more fruity than floral.  I'm not usually a fan of fruity perfumes, but if you are, this may be for you.
Comodynes: Hydra Tanning Face Moisturizing Summer Glow -2 sample packets .1 fl.oz. each - Full Size 1.35 fl.oz. $20.98 (sample value $3.11)
Well, these actually say "Free Sample" right on them, lol.  I liked the cream itself.  It was very moisturizing and it didn't really have a scent, which was nice.  But, I didn't see much of a tan with 2 applications.  Gradual tanners are the most natural looking, in my experience, but I am reluctant to splurge on this since I don't feel like I really got to try it out :/
Comodynes: Self Tanning Towelettes - 2 sample packets 1 towelette each - Full Size 8 towelettes $13.99 (sample value $3.50)
These are also printed with "Free Sample" on the back.  I am glad I got 2 in my Birchbox, because I needed 2 for 1 full body application.   I started with my legs and the towel was dry by the time I finished my legs.  I used the other towelette for my upper body.  The package says that you will see results in 3 hours.  It was closer to 5 hours before I saw results, but it did give me a natural looking tan.  It was not a very drastic change, which was good.  I prefer a buildable self tanner. My only advice with these would be to moisturize any dry areas really well before using this.  I did have a few orangey patches around my ankles where I had some dry spots.  I may pick these up in the Spring, but I don't really feel the need to tan now as we are headed into Fall.  I did find the inclusion of these 2 tanning products in this month's box odd.

I was fairly underwhelmed with the August Birchbox.  The DDF cleanser was the only thing I really consider a deluxe sample.  The size of all of the other sample was really disappointing.  Next month has to be better.  I normally love my Birchbox!

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get this month?

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