Friday, October 5, 2012

Bye Bye Loves August and September 2012

I have a lot of empties for this month, because I didn't post last month's empties.  So these are all of the products I used up in August and September with a brief review of each.  Well, I will try to be brief, but there is a lot here to cover!  So grab a snack :)

I got Butter London's Matte Top Coat as part of the recent Coterie deal that I am sure you all heard about.  Sadly, it arrived broken :(  They responded quickly and gave me a partial refund for my order.  I was able to salvage a little bit of it so I can at least give it a try.

 I got these 2 Comodynes Self Tanning Towelettes in my August Birchbox.  You can click the link to read my full review there, but in a nutshell they were okay.  Make sure you moisturize any dry areas before using them or you will get a funky orange color on those areas.  Other than that, they were easy to use and gave a noticeable, yet natural color.
 A fine polish remover.  It did its job and I have already repurchased it.
 These were okay.  I have used better and I have used worse.  The scent is soft and clean.  They removed all of my makeup and left my skin feeling clean afterward.  They mostly lost points for me because I prefer a textured cloth and these are smooth.  The cloth itself is also a bit thin.  They do the job, but they are just not my favorite.  I bought them when they were on a 2 for something sale so I have another.  I would probably buy them again if I saw a good sale, but otherwise I will continue my quest for my holy grail of makeup remover wipes.
Covergirl Custom Eyes Mascara was a great clearance find!  I first got it on clearance at Rite Aid for around $2 and then I spotted it at Big Lots and picked up a couple back ups.
When you twist the cap, the bristles on the brush move.  So you choose from 2 settings "length & definition" or "length & drama."
I really didn't notice a difference in my lashes when I tried the 2 brush settings, but I loved this mascara!
It gave me length, definition and drama. No smearing, no flaking, it lasts all day!  I love finding an inexpensive mascara, but on clearance means bye bye mascara :( I will certainly check out other covergirl mascaras in the future, though.  I found this one to be very comparable to my beloved Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Mascara.
Well, my secret is out and by now you know I am a BBW hoarder. Oh the shame... BUT, I am a bargain shopper.  I buy on clearance and stash it away.  I am really saving money. Oh, how I rationalize :)  Anyway, I have an entire shelf in our linen closet devoted to hand soaps.  Mr. BeautyScraps gets excited when we finish one because he gets to pick the next one. (My sickness is apparently contagious.)  He chose Lemongrass and Mandarin which is one of my favorites and long discontinued :(  It kinda has a sweet tart smell.  I love it!

Remember Tutti Dolci?  Yup, another long discontinued BBW favorite. This was their Angel Food Cake sugar scrub.  It is a really coarse sugar scrub and it smells so yummy!  The oils in it leave my skin super soft and moisturized afterward.  Don't worry, I have more squirreled away.  I have heard that you can still find this at BBW outlets or probably ebay.
More Tutti Dolci... The Chocolate Fondue Body Wash was not one of my favorites.  Something about the chocolate scent just didn't translate well in this body wash.  This one was just okay.
I also have a number of BBW Anti-Bacterial Hand Lotions stashed away.  Because they are anti-bacterial, the shelf life is shorter than most BBW products so I can't stash too many away.  I am actually nearing the end of my stash of these and I'm itching for some more.  I find anti-bacterial hand gels too drying so I always use these.  They are not very moisturizing, but at least it is an anti-bacterial product that is not drying.  There are a bunch of great scents available, too although not as many as there used to be.  I am always afraid that they are going to discontinue these.  I love them though :) 

This is a body cream sample that I got in my July Sample Society Box.  I wasn't crazy about the scent, but it was moisturizing so I used it as a night time hand cream.
Now that the weather is turning cooler I am reaching for my candles again.  This is a Henri Bendel candle that I bought ages ago from, you guessed it, Bath and Body Works.  The gingeroot scent is warm and spicy and I love it!  I wasn't thrilled with the amount of soot that built up around the top of the frosted glass jar, but it did burn evenly and all the way to the bottom and the scent was strong and lovely.
Along with my candles, I am also using my oil burner again.  This Frosted Cranberry scent often makes an appearance at BBW around the holidays so you may be able to pick this one up this year.  This is one of my favorites.  It is warm, but sweet and fruity. Love.  It feels like the holiday already :)

Still there? I'm impressed :) That was a lot of stuff!
Oh, and if you made it this far, you deserve a treat.  I am currently 2 followers away from 100!!!  So get ready for a giveaway!  I am so excited to have my first giveaway :)  I love this beauty blogging community so much and I feel so lucky to have found all of you.  You all really mean so much to me. I love reading every comment you leave and I love reading your blogs, too.  It really brightens my day, every day, so thank you!

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