Monday, October 8, 2012

Revlon Star of the Bazaar Swatches, Review and Comparison to October Julep Sabrina and Eloise

Every now and then Mr. BeautyScraps likes to surprise me with little polish presents.  It is really very sweet.  This time he brought home 2 of Revlon's Nail Art Break-up polish duos from the Fall 2012 Passage to India collection.  Today I wanted to show you the Star of the Bazaar duo because the orange shimmer crackle polish is very similar to Julep Sabrina that I showed you yesterday in my October Julep Maven post.
This is 3 coats of the gray polish from the Star of the Bazaar duo.  Ummm LOVE!  It is a gorgeous gun metal gray with an amazing shimmer.  In person the shimmer looks mostly blue and silver, but there is some sneaky holo shimmer in there too.  See it in the photo above?
I seriously need this in a full size polish! I love this gray!  The formula was great, too.  It was thin, but not streaky at all.

I wore the gray for a full day before I added the orange shimmer crackle.  Oh so shimmery! I really liked how this one cracked, too. The orange stayed really vibrant.
Here you can see more of that holo shimmer :)
I actually wore this for 5 days when my October Julep Maven box arrived so I thought I would do a comparison before I took it off, so please excuse the tip wear :) It actually wore really well! Julep Eloise and Sabrina are the 2 on the left and Revlon Star of the Bazaar are the 2 on the right.
Obviously, the base colors are different, but the orange shimmer crackles are quite similar. Since I don't really think that one *needs* both, I would have to say that the Revlon is the winner for me.  The Revlon is more pigmented and has a chunkier crackle.  Because Julep Sabrina has a finer crackle you can see through to the base more.

Which do you prefer? Or are you just so over crackle?
haha, I know... I just can't seem to let crackle polishes go!
It is just so fun and easy for Halloween!  But, seriously you need to check out Star of the Bazaar for the gray side alone.  I am in love with it!


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