Monday, October 29, 2012

Trick or Treat? Kiss Halloween Nail Dress Review

 I was so excited to find these Limited Edition Kiss Nail Dress stickers in my Rite Aid. I am not the greatest when it comes to nail art and I never really have time for it either, so I thought these would be a quick, easy solution.  They are so festive!
 I love the spiderweb designs so I bought both and Mr. BeautyScraps picked out the neon skulls and bats :)
 You get 28 stickers in a variety of sizes on 3 different sheets.
 I love the glitter in the web and each sicker has a little rhinestone, too!
 And, here's where it started to fail... They looked okay at best.  I had some wrinkles on the tips and some on the sides, too.  It was hard to get them to lay flat around the rhinestone.  The strips were a bit thick and they didn't feel too secure.  I started to doubt the claim that they last "up to 10 days."
I had applied them at night and by the time I woke up in the morning, they were already lifting a bit by my cuticles.  The photo above was taken after 1 day of wear!  All of the bulges you see by my cuticles are because they completely lifted off and the tip wear! oh the tip wear :(  I think they meant to say that they last up to 1.0 days, not 10 days!  I was so disappointed in these that I returned the other 2 sets I got.  The designs were so cute, but they just did not hold up and they are not cheap! They were $6.99 a set!  

These looked so bad after 1 day and I couldn't wait to peel them off!  These might be fun to wear one night only, but I want to see the person that can wear these for 10 days!

Has anyone tried these before? Did you have better luck than me?

Oh, and I live in NY and the weather here is getting crazy! I feel like I may lose power at any minute and who knows how long that will last so don't forget to enter my 101 Follower Giveaway while I'm gone!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a disappointment :[ Don't you hate when something turns out to be a fail!

  2. What an awesome design, but what a disappointment!!!! That's a lot of $$ for half a day wear... :(((


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