Friday, February 8, 2013

Julep Maven February Bombshell Box - Laura and Ginger Swatches

I am very excited to show you my February Julep Maven Box!  I continued to receive my maven boxes during my blogging hiatus and I still plan on reviewing them, but I thought I better start with the current box or I will be forever trying to catch up.
This month, I chose to receive the Bombshell box.  I love that you can choose between styles every month.  I rarely skip months.  There is almost always a set I want, but it is nice to have that option, too.
This month's choices all had an A-List glamour theme, inspired by the start of awards season.
So this month, all of the polishes are inspired by and named after award winning actresses.  The Bombshell box includes Laura, a dusty olive creme inspired by Laura Dern and Ginger, a pink champagne holo inspired by Ginger Rogers. 
 Call me a dork, but I love the monthly quotes that Julep includes in each Maven box.
 Almost every month there is a surprise extra included and this month I got a mini eyelash curler.
 I actually don't own one.  My lashes usually have a nice, natural curl, but every now and then they misbehave so this will be nice to have on hand in case of emergency :)
Julep often includes a seasonal candy in the Maven boxes.  This month, I got 2 chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day.  They didn't last long :)
I have not tried these two yet, but I am excited to!  All of the Maven boxes this month got a free Freedom Polymer Top Coat which promises the high shine of a gel without the UV light curing and difficult removal AND a smudge free dry time of 5 minutes!  The Oxygen Nail Treatment promises to strengthen thin, weak nails prone to breaking and peeling.  It is designed to be used on its own without another polish over it, so it has a soft pink tint which Julep describes as, "Makeup for your nails."   I am excited to try this, too but I think I would prefer a treatment that I could use as a base coat for polish. We'll see! I will let you know what I think after I play with them.
Natural Light - Sun
Here is Laura and Ginger!  All photos are 2 coats each with no top coat.  I love them both!  I didn't see too much holo in Ginger, but full sunshine is hard to come by this time of year.  You can see a hint of holo if you click to enlarge the photos.

They both apply beautifully.  Julep really makes great cremes.  Laura is opaque and has a nice shine even without a top coat.  Ginger also applied evenly, with no dragging and was perfect in 2 coats.
Natural Light - Shade

I chose the Bombshell box this month for Ginger, but I ended up loving Laura just as much! Which is your favorite?

Are you a Julep Maven?
What did you get this month?

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  1. AHH I LOVE GINGER!! Now I'm on a mission to collect every Julep holographic, haha. They're all so pretty!!

    1. I know! It was not really what I was expecting, but I love the finish!


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