Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review and Swatches Layla Hologram Effect 06 Mermaid Spell

Hey! Long time no see :) Sorry I fell off the face of the Earth for a bit.  Life... you know how that goes.  So, I have been catching up, reading all of the many blogs I follow and I'm ready to jump back in again.  And, what better polish is there to jump back in with than a Layla Holographic polish?

This is a Layla Hologram Effect polish in 06 Mermaid Spell.  Yeah, you have probably seen it before, but this was my very first holo polish so it has a special place in my heart and my stash.  It was actually a birthday present from Mr. BeautyScraps, who apparently did his research because as I was sitting there, painting away (4 coats total) he said, "You could use that over white to intensify the effect and not have to use so many coats." lol Maybe next time.  You just have to love him.  So, what you are about to see is 4 coats of Mermaid Spell with no top coat.

The 2 photos above were taken in direct sun and the photo below was taken in indirect sunlight. Oh my rainbows!  This polish is so fun and more than a little distracting in the sun.  It just keeps catching my eye.  Seriously, use caution while operating heavy machinery.

This photo shows the true color best.  Application was a bit tricky. You can't paint over the same area twice while wet or it drags.  I think that is why I needed 4 coats here.  If I was more careful I think 3 coats would do.  It does dry really fast so you don't have to wait too long between coats.  Maybe next time I will try it over white :)

What do you think? Have you tried and Layla holos? Any application tips?


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