Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sunday Samples: Organizing my Sample Madness

I am bringing my Sunday Samples series back because my sample stash is getting ridiculous!  Ok, fine, it was always ridiculous, but now its just out of control.  I recently pulled all of my samples out of all of my little stash spots, boxes, drawers, hanging organizers in my closet, etc. and organized them all by type. Face washes, day moisturizers, night creams, eye creams, fragrances, hair care, etc. Everything now has a home so when I want to use something I know right where it is.

It ended up filling one of my 3 drawer cubes I got from Michaels, often called Melmers in the beauty community.  I divided each drawer with plastic baskets I got at the dollar store, but you can find them at Walmart too. I thought I would share this madness with you all and maybe give you some organization ideas.  Also if you see anything you want me to review, just let me know.

Top Drawer - Skin Care: 
Top Left - Scrubs, Peels
Top Right - Eye Creams
Bottom Left - Night Creams
Bottom Right - Day Creams
Very Bottom - Serums
Middle Drawer - Makeup:
Top Left - Misc. Color Makeup
Top Right - Eye Primers & Deluxe Sample Primers
Bottom Left - Foil Packet Foundations
Bottom Right - Deluxe Sample Foundations
Very Bottom - Face Primers, Illuminators, Tanners

 Bottom Drawer - Hair Care, Body Care, Face Cleansers:
Top Left - Foot Care
Top Right - Face Cleansers
Bottom Left - Hand Creams
Bottom Right - Body Creams
Very Bottom - Hair Care & a couple Body Cream Deluxe Samples

So there it is in all of its hoarder shame. Hopefully now that it is organized I will actually use them!  I will have my first Sunday Sample post of 2013 up tomorrow as long as I do not lose power due to this crazy Nemo blizzard.  

Since most of my samples are foil packets, my Sunday Sample Reviews are just simple first impression reviews.  Hopefully they will help to keep me motivated to work through this stash and find some new favorite products.

Anything you see that you want to be reviewed?

What do you do with all of your beauty samples?


Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!