Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gossamer Blue January 2014 Life Pages Kit: UnBoxing and How I Organize

I was so excited to get my Gossamer Blue Box it the mail!  I tore into it as soon as it arrived.

The color scheme for the month is printed on the sticker inside the box.  I thought that was cute :)

So... what's inside?!?

I love these transparent die cut words, but I'm always stumped on how to use them.  They are so cute though and I got a whole pack of 7 words.

Yay for wood veneers! I just love these! The frame is my favorite, but all the little pieces are great.  There are numbers, hearts and arrows and a few words like "love" and "our life."  I'm so excited to use these!

The little flair pins are from October Afternoon and I love these, too! They are very general and will be easy to use.

These enamel dots are from Basic Grey and I have never actually used these before.  I'm excited to give them a try because I love brads and they seem like brads without the bulk.  Easy little stickers :)

This is the exclusive stamp set for the month.  I'm on the fence about this one.  Love the arrows, but I'm 50/50 on the words.  "Seriously Dude" and "Keepin' it Real" are not phrases I will use, but I do like "This is Life" and "This just Happened."

Now for the 4x6 cards... I like the bright color scheme this month! The 2014 card is vellum and the other 6 are cardstock.

There are a nice mix of journaling cards and patterned and title cards.  All the 4x6 cards look easy to use.  Oh, I should also mention that all of the cards (4x6 and 2x3) are double sided.  One side has a vertical design and the other side has the same design but with a horizontal orientation.  That is the side I photographed.

These are the 2x3 cards.  I definitely have my favorites, but there are none that I don't like or wouldn't use.  I'm really happy with my first kit!  How cute is that guest check card!

The 2x3 cards also have a nice mix of journal, pattern and title cards.

The bottom card that says, "happy day" is vellum.  So, all together there were 25 2x3 cards, 1 was vellum and 24 were cardstock.  I'm very impressed with my first kit and I can't wait to start using it!  I already purchased an organizer from Michael's to keep my kit organized.  Keep reading to see how I'm storing it.

This is a drawer organizer I got from Michaels.  It is 50% off right now so I think it was about $7.

It is a fabric covered tray with 4 sections.

It works perfectly for my kit!  Everything is separated and spread out so I can see everything and use everything!  Now I just need to kill this kit this month before my next kit comes :) That's the goal!

I almost forgot! These two are free printables for subscribers.  Every month there is a free printable for the life pages kit (above) and for the main kit (below).  I printed out both and cut all of them out at once.  It was a bit tedious, but if they are all cut and ready to go, I'm more likely to use them!

Now I'm ready to start scrapping my 2014 album!  I hope to have some pages to share with you soon!

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