Friday, February 13, 2015

Julep Maven Classic with a Twist Box: January 2015 - Maryam, Tilda Metamorphic top coat and Oxygen Nail Treatment

Julep Maven
Classic with a Twist
January 2015

Luxe Lip Conditioning Treatment - Sheer Pink

I love the formula of this gloss!  With conditioning pumpkin seed oil, sunflower wax and vitamin E, it feels so smooth on your lips.  Not sticky at all!  It is very sheer.  On my lips it looks like a shimmery clear gloss.  I don't mind that it doesn't have too much color because it looks nice over anything.  The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the metal tip, but that just may take getting used to.  It is supposed to stimulate circulation to make your lips look fuller... it just fees so cold!  Like really cold!  It might feel more refreshing in the Spring or Summer.   

Oxygen Nail Treatment - Ivory

This nail treatment has anti aging plant cells, a uv filter and nutrients to strengthen your nails.  It has a very slight milky tint because it gives best results when worn alone because the "oxygen" technology allows your nails to breathe.  I just used one coat above because I am using it as a base for the polish below.  If I was wearing it alone I would go for two coats for a little better coverage.  As a base, it worked very well! My polish lasted days without chipping at all.

Maryam - Dark Merlot Shimmer

I really liked this color!  It has a subtle gold shimmer which makes it a bit more interesting than just another burgundy.  This was also easy to apply and covered perfectly with one coat.  It also lasted really well.  My nails looked nice for days!  A lot longer than anything else has lasted recently!

Metamorphic Top Coat - Bjork

I had high hopes for this one because I love a good transforming top coat, but it just wasn't love for me.  I just didn't like that it turned very blue.  Maybe I'll try it over other colors, but it should look good over the color that Julep pairs it with right?  I just wasn't wowed :( 

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