Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daily December 2015 Album Prep Part 1: Organizing using Project Life by Stampin' Up! Hello December Kit

I am sooo excited to begin prepping for my Daily December Album this year!  I am going to try to get as much done as I can before the craziness of the Holiday season hits.  I have found that I need to keep it simple and keep myself organized in order to successfully and enjoyably complete my album.

Last year, I had the organized part down, but I did not keep it simple!  I "made my own kit" from Christmas items I had in my stash, which was good.  I used up a lot of stuff from my stash and I love how my album turned out, but but was a lot more work.

This year, I am using the Stampin' Up! by Project Life Hello December 2015 Bundle.  I'll give you a closer look at what you get in the bundle.  If you want to order the bundle and create your album along with me, I linked to the bundle in my online store.  The items are also available separately and I listed those at the end of my post.

These 3x4 cards are for numbering each day of the month.  There are 3 designs and you get 10 of each.

These are the back of the number cards.  
3 styles in 3 assorted colors.

These are the filler and journal cards.  Each one is unique with different patterns on the front and back.

These are the 4x6 cards

Embellishments from the Accessory Pack

3 Printed Transparencies
4 3x4 Clear Bags

4 3x4 Glitter Die Cut Cards

Die Cut Glitter Words Sticker Sheet

2 Alphabet Sticker Sheets
2 Embellishment Sticker Sheets

3 Gold Foil Number Sticker Sheets

Now to get it organized!  I use a Raskog Cart from Ikea to organize my Project Life supplies throughout the year.  It accumulates a lot of stuff!  So, in November I empty it completely and use it for my December Daily Album supplies.  Then at the end of December I go through all of the supplies that are leftover and decide what to keep for next year and what to purge.  And, my Raskog Cart has a fresh and clean start for my 2016 Project Life Album!  But, I'm jumping ahead :)

So, with a clean Raskog I start filling it with little bins.  These bins are great!  You can find them at most Dollar Stores in sets of 3 for $1.  You could use little bowls, muffin tins, take a look around your house and see what you could repurpose.  I find it really helpful to separate all the little bits and pieces so you can really see what you have and use it!

This is what the top shelf of my Raskog looks like now.  I will share more as I get more organized.  I plan to use the second shelf for products from my stash that will match nicely with the kit and the bottom shelf for my Holiday stamps that I want to use.

In this video I show you the Stampin' Up Project Life Hello December 2015 Bundle I will be using this year and I ramble a bit about how much I love this project and why you should try it, too :)

If you want to purchase the kit I'm using for my album the Product List is below with links to my online store.  If you are creating a Daily December Album this year I would love to hear about it!  Please tell me your plans for your album this year in the comments below!

Product List

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