Sunday, March 25, 2012

Revlon 092 Blue Lagoon & 430 Whimsical

I Love Sally Hansen's Double Duty as my Base Coat. I have been wearing it for months, every time I paint my nails. I feel like it has made my nails stronger and only once did I have a problem with a polish staining my nails through it. I tried it as a top coat this time as well and was not loving it. It took a realllly looong time to dry! It may have been the polishes though, because I have not used it as a top coat with anything else.

the top photo is more true to the color of these polishes but this photo really shows off the glitter & shimmer .
I have been dying to wear Whimsical ever since I finally got my hands on it a couple weeks ago! I decided to layer it with Blue Lagoon.
2 Coats - Flash

2 Coats - Flash 
2 Coats - No Flash artificial light (makes it look a little greener)

I do really like Blue Lagoon. It is a true Spring Robin's Egg Blue and has a subtle blue/silver shimmer which you can see best on my pointer finger in the second photo.  If I was wearing it alone I would have done three coats, though. It is still pretty sheer at 2 coats which you can see on my pinky nail above.

2 Coats Whimsical over 2 Coats Blue Lagoon - no flash artificial light (makes it look a little greener)
2 Coats Whimsical over 2 Coats Blue Lagoon - Natural Light
I love Whimsical, but it is hard to photograph! It is so much prettier in person! It has tiny blue glitter,  slightly larger silver glitter, and larger blue and pink hex glitter.  It applied really easily. I did 2 coats to get the amount of glitter I wanted. I tried doing one coat with my first nail, but I was fussing too much about glitter placement. It was much easier to just do 2 coats.

This is my first "Spring" manicure look! I really love it!

Have you tried either of these colors?

What is your favorite Springtime color to wear on your nails?

Any recommendations for a good top coat? I never wear one because I can't find one I like!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Smashbox FAQ's #3 Kit QVC TSV

I love Smashbox! It is definitely one of my favorite brands. Whenever I see a TSV on QVC featuring Smashbox I have to jump on it.

I love getting QVC's Today's Special Value Beauty Kits, especially the ones with an auto-delivery plan. The values are always so great whether you are trying new products or stocking up on favorites you can't go wrong!  I love when they are on Auto-delivery plans because you get the same kit at the same great price in new colors for the season.  This kit had three shipments total so this was my last one and probably my favorite of all three! The concealer, brush, and primer were the same in all of the shipments, but all of the other products in this kit came in different colors with every shipment.

QVC's Smashbox FAQ's #3 Kit includes...
*Po Second Skin Concealer - (I chose Light)
I don't wear concealer everyday, but on the days I want one I find myself reaching for this.  It is creamy and covers well.  It wears really well all day long without getting cakey or settling into fine lines.
*Precision Concealer Brush #5
It is a really nice concealer brush, but it comes with every kit. So, now I have three. At least I should always have a clean one on hand!
*Photo Finish Jumbo Foundation Primer
I feel like everyone and their mother has tried this primer, or at least they should!  I really like the silky smooth texture it gives to my skin.  It leaves my skin perfectly prepped for my makeup which really helps to diminish the look of my pores.  Using this definitely makes my makeup look better, but I'm not sure I can say it lasts longer.  My makeup holds up well until I take it off even when I don't use a primer so I can't say I have noticed a difference there.
 *Waterproof Shadow Liner to go - Shimmering Smoke
Can I just say how much I love these Shadow Liners? They are so creamy and smooth and this color is perfect! It is dark enough for an everyday liner but it blends out light enough for me to wear as a shadow or base blended out over my lid.

*Fusion Soft Lights - Glow
I have yet to meet a Fusion Soft Lights that I didn't like.  It is hard to capture it's beauty in a swatch, but hopefully you can tell from one of those photos that it gives such a beautiful peachy pink glow to your cheeks.  There certainly is shimmer, but it does not look glittery on your skin.  I usually swirl all the colors together, but I like that there is an option to go into an individual color as a highlight or a more intense blush color.

*Lip Enhancing Megagloss - Stardom
This is a great everyday peachy nude. It lasts a nice amount of time for a gloss and I LOVE the wand! It is huge and applies the perfect amount of gloss - one swipe is all you need!

*Waterproof Powder Eyeshadow - Palette #3
The worst thing I can say about this palette is that the shadows don't have names.  Which, to be honest, does really kinda bug me.  I assume because they are not named that they are exclusive to this palette (named palette #3) but what if they are rereleased and I want to repurchase one? Its just annoying. Anyway, I do love this palette and I guess that is why the namelessness bothers me.  There are several shadows in this palette and the previous palettes I have received trough this program that I would repurchase.  

But, back to this palette.  I love the variety here from the finishes to the colors it is a great mix. The shimmering champagne color is easily my favorite. I'm a sucker for a shimmery champagne. The shimmering blue makes a lovely smokey eye. The vanilla matte shade is one of my favorite brow bone shadows.  The other two mattes while beautiful on their own, also make really lovely crease colors to both of the shimmery shades.

I love this Kit! I think it is my favorite of all 3! What do you guys think? Have you tried it?

If you want to see my review of the second kit, there is one on my BeautyScraps youtube channel.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Urban Decay Friends & Family Haul & Swatches

This is what I picked up during the 20% off Friends & Family Sale this month at
The sample card is for the original primer potion.
This set of mini primer potions was on sale for $15! I picked it up as a gift for my sister. I got her the Tarte True Blood Set for Christmas and it was a huge hit.  It included Tarte's eye primer. She had never used an eye primer before and she loved it so I know she is going to love these.
I have been dying to try the 24/7 Shadow Pencils for so long. I really love Smashbox's Shadowliner to go pencils and I want to se how these compare. This set includes Delinquent, Juju, Rehab, Sin and Clash and it was on sale for $12, now thats just crazy!

This set was on sale for $10. It includes Urban Lash in Minx, a travel sized 24/7 glide on eye pencil in zero, Urban Lash False Lash Mascara, and a lash adhesive. I very rarely wear false lashes but I have wanted to experiment with them. At this price I couldn't resist.
And last but not least... UD's Rollergirl Palette! It was on sale for only $13! So I picked up one for me and one for a gift.

Woodstock & Verve

Darkhorse & Suspect

I LOVE this palette! I can see myself easily hitting pan on every shade except Woodstock, but I am willing to experiment here :) I wore the other three today with the mini 24/7 pencil in Whiskey that came in the palette and they were absolutely beautiful together.  I already have an idea for the extremely bold Woodstock. I may post an Eye of the Day if it works out, lol.

The Rollergirl Palette also came with the Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Crush. I haven't tried it yet, but its a bright pink and it looks like a perfect gloss for the summer when I'm a bit tan.

The sale prices were great values and with the Friends & Family sale I even got 20% of the sale prices - I love a great sale!

Did you get anything from the friends & family sale?

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?

Any ideas for how to use the Woodstock eyeshadow?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Bye Bye Love's 1

I was obsessed with project pan videos for a while. It was interesting for me to see what products people loved so much that they made it all the way through them. I also think that a product review means so much more when the product has been used over a long period of time. That being said, I was not about to jump on the project pan bandwagon... a buying freeze? uh uh nope. So, I called it Bye Bye Loves.

Now, Bye Bye Loves are not all loves... sometimes there are duds. But, these are honest reviews on products that I have used in their entirety or in rare cases, products I could not stand to use and go straight to the trash.

My love for watching Project Pan videos was only part of my inspiration for starting this series.  I love beauty products and tend to jump around a lot with what I use. I thought if I started doing this series it would help me stay on track and focus on using what I have and make me get rid of what I will never use.

This is the first Bye Bye Love's video I made in November. I aimed for it to be a monthly thing, but got off track with my video making around Christmas.  I'm filming my next video this week so I thought I would post my first video now.  Now that I'm blogging, I will have individual product photos with my next blog.

November Bye Bye Loves...
Elariia - Frangipani - Moisturizing Rich Body Cream - Regular Price $24.50 on Sale now for $12.50
This one is a LOVE! Fresh, Sweet, Floral Fragrance and oh so moisturizing! I will definitely repurchase.

Perlier - Chocolate Vanilla - Bath & Shower Cream - $14.50
Love the moisturizing formula but the fragrance could be stronger.  I love this fragrance in the body cream.  I would not repurchase it again on its own, but if I get it in a set of other Chocolate Vanilla products I would happily use it again.

Perlier - Risarium Black Rice Double Effect Night Cream - $45
This one grew to be a love as well.  I was thrown off by the light formula for a night cream, but it is fabulous for my skin in the summer.  I will repurchase and probably soon! Summer is right around the corner!

Philosophy - Hope in a Jar - Original 2oz. - Sephora $38
Love, Love, Love! This is one that I always go back to.  I get distracted and love trying new things but I always work this into my rotation. Light weight but deeply moisturizing and Philosophy is a brand that I really trust.

Dove - Fresh - Invisible Solid Deodorant anti-perpirant - Drugstore around $4
Love! Holy Grail Deodorant anti-perspirant. Strange to share, yes, but I struggled for so long to find what really works for me and now I never stray. Never, no matter what is on sale and boy am I a sucker for sales!

Sephora Collection - Atomic Volume Mascara - Full Size $15 in Black or Ultra Black at Sephora
Love! I was a long time lover of Max Factor 2,000 calorie mascara which I thought was discontinued but it seems was reformulated and kind of hard to find.  So, I have been exploring many different mascaras and until this one the only one I have loved is Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Mascara. Atomic Volume Mascara really did volumize by separating and defining my lashes without clumping, flaking or smudging.  I'm still trying others in the hopes to find a new Drugstore Holy Grail mascara, but if all else fails I will certainly come back to this one.

Have you tried any of these products? What did you think of them?

If you have a similar sort of blog post, please leave a link with your comment below! I would love to check it out!

Do you have a HG Drugstore Mascara? I need recommendations!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Revlon Matte Suede Nail Polish 933 Emerald City

I never really jumped on the matte polish trend. A while ago I picked up Revlon's Matte Suede in Emerald City, thinking that it would be nice to try for Christmas, but never used it. Now it is St. Patrick's Day and I'm just now trying it out!
The first coat had pretty good coverage and went on really smoothly.  
If you apply your polish really carefully and with a heavy hand this could be a one coat polish.
I didn't so the photos below are with 2 coats.

without flash

with flash

I think Emerald City is a good polish to try if you are first trying out the matte trend because it is not really completely matte, but still definitely not glossy.  I like the semi matte finish but I wish I had a matte topcoat I could use to see what this would look like really matte. Has anyone tried that with this polish?

I do really like the color. It is a very blue green, like a spruce green. It will be lovely for Christmas time.

I still want to do something else to it... a flakie? shatter? glitter perhaps?

I decided to add Sephora by OPI's Blasted Gold to my ring fingers.  It was a little tricky. Blasted Gold did not crackle on the matte polish so I did have to add a top coat (to just my ring fingers) before applying the blasted polish. Once I did that it crackled really nicely.

What do you think of the matte trend?

What is you favorite matte polish?

Are you rockin' green this St. Patrick's Day?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Exciting News...

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I follow Brianna at and she just posted this exciting
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now its about to get even better, and more dangerous to my wallet!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sephora by OPI - Completely Fern-ished - Good & Evil Collection

So, with St.Patrick's Day around the corner I was looking through my nail polish collection searching for a green.  Green is one of my favorite colors. Most of my home is green, but the same can not be said for my polish stash.  I only had a few to choose from... only 1 full sized that I chose on its very own, Revlon Matte Suede in Emerald City.  The rest are from Sephora's mini collections, Read my Palm from Havana Nights, Caught with my Khakis Down from Safari Luxe, and this little gem Completely Fern-ished from The Garden of Good & Evil.

While Revlon's Emerald City may be a more appropriate green for St. Patty's Day, I was drawn in by Completely Fern-ished.  I have had this mini set since the Fall and I have tried and loved Tempted by Teal, Eve-y on the Eyes (bought the full size) and Frankly, I don't give A-dam (bought the full size of this one too) but I was a little afraid of Completely Fern-ished.  I mean really, the color is strange. But, now I'm in love!

Completely Fern-ished was the only polish in this collection that was exclusive to this mini set.  Its really a shame because I would love a full sized bottle! Anyone know a good dupe?

Sephora desrcibes it as Dark Green (thanks Sephora) but I would say its a mid toned green.  My favorite thing about this polish is that it changes so much depending on the lighting! In these two photos right & left it appears darker than in the photos below. In some light it actually looks quite dark and almost like a hunter green, but in most light it looks much more yellow toned and lighter.

As for the formula, I was nervous for a minute there! The first coat was really thin and streaky!  I applied 3 coats total, but I think 2 would have been ok if I applied a heavier first coat.  I wasn't expecting such a thin polish from Sephora by OPI so the first coat was very thin.

I don't think my poor photos show off how glossy this polish is (especially the photo left, I wanted to show you how light green the polish can look) I am enjoying wearing a super glossy creamy color with absolutely no shimmer.

I am so glad that I pulled out this polish for this week.  I think it is very unusual and yeah, maybe strange, but I am so loving it! Now I really want a full sized bottle! Any good dupe suggestions? Has anyone tried Zoya's Dree? It looks like it may be close...

What is your favorite Green Polish?

Were you ever afraid of a nail color only to find yourself completely in love?

Edited on Day 5 for review on wear...
As you can see not the greatest and not the worst. I do wear a base coat but I do not wear a top coat and I am really hard on my hands.

Dark colors show the wear on the tips worse than light colors, so I forgive the wear on the tips.  But, I was disappointed that I got my first chip on day 2.  By day 5, there were several chips on the top corners that you can't really see because of the curve in my nail.

So it didn't quite last to St. Patrick's Day. If I wasn't going out on St. Patrick's Day for a friend's Birthday I would have let them go for one more day. So now I'm on to Revlon's Emerald City... stay tuned :)