Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glambag Review July 2012

This is my favorite Glam Bag to date!  The bag is pink mesh with rainbow stripes. So cute!
This is the first month that Glam Bags have been "personalized."  Everyone got the same 3 products, but as you can see on the card above, product #1 and #4 differed between 2 products.
Here is everything in the bag.
No, this is not a duplicate photo :) There is the circus polish I got!  The packaging is really cute.

NUME: HydroPunch Hydrating Conditioner .67 oz.
Sorry! I have not tried this one yet.  I will be sure to review it in an upcoming Sunday Samples post :)

Juice Beauty: Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer .5 fl.oz.

Sorry! I have not tried this one yet.  I will be sure to review it in an upcoming Sunday Samples post :)

Buxom: Big & Healthy Lip Polish in Leslie 2 ml.
Love. Love. Love! Seriously, Buxom glosses are my favorite! I was so excited to get this little guy in this month's bag! I love the sweet scent. They smell like vanilla cupcakes!  All of the the colors are gorgeous and this one is no exception.  They are a little sticky feeling, but I like that because that makes them last on my lips.  
Repurchase? Yeah! I already have several of these and I love them!

Yes to Cucumbers: Facial Towelettes 10 count
Wow! These really smell like cucumbers!  I found it to be refreshing, but if you don't like that scent, steer clear of these.  One wipe removed all of my makeup easily and did not leave any residue behind.  I prefer a textured towelette and these are smooth, but they did a good job, so I forgive them :)
Repurchase? yes. I like the scent and they did a good job removing my makeup.  I really want to try the yes to blueberries towelettes.

Circus by Andrea's Choice: Nail Polish in Somersault .45 fl.oz.

I have not swatched it yet, so I can't tell you too much about the polish, but the packaging is adorable.  From the photo above, it looks like there are three colors that you could have received in your glam bag this month.  I would have preferred the pink, but I only have a couple yellows in my stash so this one found a good home :)  I will be sure to show you all when I try it!

Repurchase? If the formula is good, yes! I secretly hate having only 1 polish from a brand.  I feel like it needs friends. (is that crazy?)

This is definitely my favorite Glam Bag so far!  I love the products I tried and everything included was a really nice size.  If you want to check it out go to MyGlam.com

Do you subscribe to the Glam Bag?
Have you tried any of these products?

Monday, July 30, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: I is for I Won't Repel You Wet N Wild Magnetic Nail Polish - Swatches and Review

Wahoo, Magnetic Monday is back!  I put it on hold for a while for the Alphabet Challenge, but today I have a new magnetic polish that starts with the letter I.

I Won't Repel You is part of the new Wet N Wild Magnetic Collection.  I bought mine at Rite Aid. The bottle is .33 fl.oz./10 ml. and cost $4.99.  Definitely one of the more affordable magnetic polishes out there.  They all have a magnet housed in the cap and the magnets all have the same striped pattern.  I think there are 8 colors in this collection.

I only used 1 coat for this mani! I painted 1 nail at a time and held the magnet over the wet polish for about 10 seconds.
Before using the magnet, the polish is a metallic taupe color.  When you use the magnet, it creates bronze stripes.
The magnet was nice and strong, but like all of the other magnets I have tried, the design does not reach all the way to the edges of your nail on the sides.  Come on guys, how about making some curved magnets for those of us with curved nail beds?
 It took me  little while to figure out the best way to use magnet to ensure a consistent design on all of my nails (and to not bang my wet polish into the magnet.) The cap doesn't appear to have a lip to rest your finger on, right? Wrong! Ah ha! There are 2, really.  The curved shape of the top is where you rest your finger and by using it the same way with each nail, the design matched on all of my nails.
This magnet design was actually really easy to use (once I figured it out) and I didn't bump my polish into the magnet once!  The cap design is really quite smart, I just wish directions on how to use it or a simple photo/diagram was on the bottle.  I should add that the above photo is just to show you where to hold your finger on the cap.  You want to tilt your finger so that the nail is much closer to the magnet when you use it.  It was just hard to get a clear photo of that :)

I am really enjoying all of the magnetic polishes that are coming out! I was so excited to see more and more drugstore options!  I also picked up a few of the LA Girls magnetic polishes so keep an eye out for them :)

What do you think of the magnetic trend?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Samples: Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub Review

This sample was included in my Summer Target Beauty Bag. To see everything I got in my Target Beauty Bag, Click Here.

I have never tried any Aveeno products, but I have heard good things, so I was excited to try this scrub!
It is very creamy and the exfoliating bits are small, but plentiful!  It lathers nicely and has a soft, clean fragrance.  I was really surprised that a scrub this gentle feeling was as effective as it was. After using it, my skin felt softer, smoother and still felt moisturized.  

I am very impressed with Aveeno's Daily Detoxifying Scrub and I will certainly be picking up the full size! The Target Beauty Bag even had a coupon for $1.00 off a full size :)

Have you tried this scrub?
What is your favorite face scrub right now?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: H is for Helena by Julep - Swatches and Review

The lovely Gosia from Life In Color started a nail challenge that I am so exited to join! Check out her post HERE for all the details and rules, but in a nutshell, we will be posting our polishes in alphabetical order by color name. 

Today I am wearing Julep Helena. Julep describes it as an "ultra saturated fuchsia." It applies perfectly in 2 coats and dries semi matte so I added 1 coat of Out the Door Top Coat.

I got Helena in my first Julep Maven Box, the It Girl Intro Box.  I also got Heather, that you can see Here  in an older post, for a bonus H polish :)

I always have trouble capturing fuchsias in photos.  These photos are pretty accurate of how Helena looks in the sun, but I couldn't capture her darker side.  Indoors, under artificial light it is much more of a purple fuchsia, rather than the pink fuchsia you see in the sun.  It is a very pretty polish.  I'm glad I finally got around to trying it!

Right now you can join the Julep Maven monthly subscription program for 1¢!  If you want to try the Julep Maven Box they are offering a promotion where first time members can get their first box for only 1¢! Click Here and enter COLORS4ONE at checkout. The links included are my referral links.  When you sign up you get one, too and you can earn credits toward free Maven boxes!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Birchbox Review July 2012

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Glamour to create  this sample box inspired by the 5 senses, which is also the theme for this month's Glamour Magazine. 
The icons next to each item on the list above indicate which of the five senses the product represents.  I think it is a fun theme.

Ada Cosmetics: Bronzer (color: Golden) -  1 gram - I usually use a matte bronzer, but I can appreciate a shimmer bronzer now and then.  This one is nice.  It definitely gives a golden glow without leaning too orange.  I tried this as an eyeshadow, too and I really liked it.  I will probably get more use out of it that way. - Full Size 3 grams  $12.45

Stila: Lip Glaze (color: Lights) -  .05 fl.oz. - I love Stila Lip Glazes and this really made the box for me this month.  It is a beautiful nude, shimmery gloss and this is exactly the sort of gloss I love wearing in the summer.  It is a thicker, sticky gloss, but I forgive  that because it makes it last longer on my lips.  - Full Size set of 3 $12
Ada Bronzer & Stila Lip Glaze

Gloss Moderne: High Gloss Masque -  no size indicated (2 uses for my long hair) - This masque smelled like cocoa butter, which I liked. I applied a generous amount to my hair and left it in for about 5 minutes before rinsing. I let my hair air dry overnight (I hate the blow drier in the summer) and my hair was silky soft.  It even smelled slightly cocoa butter-ish all day long.  This was a very nice treat for my dry hair! - Full Size 4oz. $39

Harvey Prince: Hello -  spray sample vial - I am never thrilled to see another perfume vial sample.  That said, I do like that this is in a spray bottle and although the size is not specified, it does look a teensy bit bigger that the average sample vial.  The scent? Fruity, floral, sweet and bright.  I love this fragrance for summer!   It is a strong scent but the notes are light and sweet so it is not overpowering for the hot, humid summer months. I love it!  - Full Size 50ml $55

Lifestlye Extras...

Larabar: Uber - 1 bar .82 oz. - These sort of bars are not usually my thing, but this was yummy! I got the Bananas Foster flavor. Very natural tasting, but still flavorful.  They have an Apple Turnover flavor that I may add to my shopping list.  It is a nice healthy, natural little snack. I like this lifestyle extra. - Full Size box of 5  $12.69

Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds - I can always use a back up set of earbuds. I'm not sure about the neon color for me, but they are on trend for this summer! 

I liked this month's box.  I enjoyed all the products, but the surprising stand out was the Harvey Prince Hello fragrance.  I am very excited to get the full size.  I may also pick up the Stila Lip Glaze trio.  I really love those lip glosses!

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get?
Have you tried any of these products?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: G is for Golden Glam by NYC - Swatches and Review

The lovely Gosia from Life In Color started a nail challenge that I am so exited to join! Check out her post HERE for all the details and rules, but in a nutshell, we will be posting our polishes in alphabetical order by color name. This week we are featuring polishes starting with the letters E, F, G and H.
Today I am wearing NYC In a New York Minute Quick Dry Nail Polish in Golden Glam.  Golden Glam is part of the Limited Edition Summer in the City Collection which is available in Rite Aid now.  The collection consists of 2 polishes, 3 sparkle eye dusts, 3 liquid lip shines, 2 bronzers and a highlighter.  I picked up both polishes, but I am thinking about trying one of the bronzers, too. But, I digress :)
Golden Glam is a beautiful peachy, bronze with gold flecks... in some light.  In others, it looks more like a bronze orange.  I think it is a great transition color from Summer into Fall.
I used 3 coats of Golden Glam and 1 coat of Out the Door Top Coat. The first coat was streaky and the second coat dragged because I didn't let the first coat dry first.  I gave the 2 coats a decent amount of time to dry before adding the third and it was smooth and opaque.  I suppose 2 perfect coats might be sufficient, but I'm far from perfect :)  It is a 3 coater for me and I'm okay with that.  The formula is pretty thin so three coats doesn't look too thick, which I can't stand!

Have you tried any NYC polishes?
What do you think of this Limited Edition shade?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: F is for Flirty Tankini by China Glaze - Swatches and Review

The lovely Gosia from Life In Color started a nail challenge that I am so exited to join! Check out her post HERE for all the details and rules, but in a nutshell, we will be posting our polishes in alphabetical order by color name. 
So, today I am very excited to show you Flirty Tankini from the China Glaze Summer Neon Collection!  I really love this collection. When it first came out I bought four, but the others kept calling to me and eventually all 12 were mine.  But, if I had to only choose one, this is it!

 I love the bright pink, coral color and the shimmer.  It just screams Summer!  And, it looks gorgeous on my toes.  I can't remember he last time I had matching fingers and toes! I just love this polish!
 This is three coats of Flirty Tankini with one coat of Out the Door Top Coat.  I got a little carried away. Two coats would have been fine.  

Did you pick up any of the polishes in China Glaze's Neon Collection?
What is your favorite neon polish?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: July 2012 Sample Society Box from BeautyBar.com and Allure Magazine

This is my second Sample Society box.  I did a really in depth review of the program last month because it was my first box.  For my July box, I am just going to review the products.  If you want to learn more about the subscription service, Click Here to see review of my first Sample Society box .

I really love the mini magazine included.  This month the articles were Moisturize Like a Pro, How to Hide Crows Feet, Three Things Dry Skin Hates, Bold-Lip Lessons and Look Good When You Oversleep.  I really like that tips and tricks are included that relate to the products rather than simply including how to use the products.
I also love how everything is packaged!  The inside of the box looks just like this when I open it.

Borghese Tono Body Creme - 1 oz. - So, I will start with the good.  It is really moisturizing.  The texture is between a cream and a lotion.  It does not feel too heavy for the Summer months, but it really does a fantastic job moisturizing my skin - even my sad, dry feet. What I really do not like is the fragrance.  Peppermint, rosemary, lavender and geranium oil... just not my thing.  Very herbal.  It is really too bad because I love how it felt. - Full Size 8.4 oz. $36.50 (value $4.52)

Jouer Cosmetics Luminizing Moisture Tint SPF 20 (Color - Bronzed) -0.17 fl.oz. - I previously got this in a Birchbox, but the size included in this box is much better.  I was really able to try it out this time.  It gives a very light coverage, but it was enough to even out my complexion. It also feels very light on my skin, but it held up all day in this humid Summer heat.  I just used a translucent setting powder over it and I was happy with the way it wore over a 12 hour period.  The only reason I won't be purchasing it is the shade range.  I received Bronzed and it just barely works for me now in the Summer when my skin is at its darkest.  There are only 5 shades available and the next shade is quite a big jump lighter and I just don't think it will work for me. - Full Size  1.7 fl.oz. $38 (value $3.80)

Vbeaute Eye Never Nourishing Repair Eye Cream -0.033 fl.oz. - Luckily, I don't have too many issues in my eye area.  I do use eye creams as a preventative measure, but I can't speak to seeing results.  This eye cream is designed to combat puffiness (with caffeine) and fine lines and wrinkles (with Sensytens and BioCellular Peptide.)  I just really liked the texture. It absorbed nicely, but I could still feel it on my skin, which I like. It also did not have any noticeable fragrance. - Full Size  0.5 fl.oz. $85 (value $5.61)

Sisley-Paris Hydra-Global Intense Anti-Aging Hydration -4ml - A $250 face cream is no where near being in my budget, so this was a very nice treat.  The consistency was nice.  My skin drank it right in and instantly felt more moisturized.  This cream is for all skin types and is designed to restore moisture and elasticity to the skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.  It does have a light herbal fragrance as there are botanicals and aromatic extracts used in the formula.  - Full Size 40ml $250 (value $25)

Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil (color - Sangria & White Glimmer - 0.064 oz. - I don't wear a lot of dark lip colors, but I liked the consistency and staying power of this pencil.  I think I will get more use out of the white side as a highlighter.   - Full Size 0.064 oz. $26 (value $26)

The value of all the products included this month was $64.93 so for $15, that is a great value.  The body cream was really the only product that I didn't care for so, all in all it was a good sample box this month.  It had a nice balance of skincare, body care and cosmetics.  I really like trying new skincare products and trying these high end brands was a nice treat!  

I like how their referral program works. When you place your first order with BeautyBar.com and use my referral code BEAU5128 BeautyBar.com will make a donation to charity.  I chose to have the donations from my referral code go to the Make a Wish Foundation.  I also added a banner in my side bar with the referral code.  I do not get anything from you using the code and it is not a discount code for you either.  Beautybar.com will make the donation directly to the charity.

Have you tried any of these products?
Do you subscribe to Sample Society?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: E is for Eggplant Frost by Wet N Wild - Swatches and Review

The lovely Gosia from Life In Color started a nail challenge that I am so exited to join! Check out her post HERE for all the details and rules, but in a nutshell, we will be posting our polishes in alphabetical order by color name.  This is week 2 so we will show you polish starting with the Letters E-H.

I am trying to stick to using only untried polishes so I was a little limited by the letter E.  I already posted Energetic Red by Sinful Colors and Emerald City by Revlon was one of my first posts... don't judge! :) So, today I am wearing Wet N Wild's Wild Shine Eggplant Frost.

This is 2 easy coats of Eggplant Frost with 1 coat of Out the Door Top Coat.  It is a gorgeous dark purple with an amazing blue shimmer that actually shows up on the nail.  I still can't believe this polish is 99¢!  This just jumped into my top 5 drugstore polishes. Love it!

Seriously, it is gorgeous! My photos don't even do it justice.  The blue flash is so pretty.  Even Mr. Beauty Scraps commented on this one :)

What do you think?
Have you tried Eggplant Frost?

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Samples: John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control Review

I signed up to be a Bzz Agent months ago.  You can go to BzzAgent.com to check it out.  Basically, you complete surveys and based on those surveys you are invited to join Bzz Campaigns.  They send you products and you share your honest opinions with friends and complete reviews on their site.  It was months before I was invited to join my first campaign which was for Dr. Scholls Massaging Gel Insoles.  I liked them by the way, but I didn't share it here because I didn't think it fit in with my blog :) This is now the second Bzz Campaign I have joined.  
John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control
 for fine to medium hair 

I got the full size pictured above as well as several small samples, pictured below, to share with friends and family.

It is a 2 in 1 serum and smoothing elixir that you shake to activate. The elixir smoothes the outside while the serum moisturizes from the inside.  I apply about 10-15 drops to towel dried hair.  I love that this product does not feel sticky or greasy.  It is easy to apply evenly to my long hair.  My hair seems to just drink it in.
So, how does it work?
My hair is smoother, shinier, but not weighed down or greasy looking.  I love the way it makes my hair feel!  It also kept me frizz free during normal Summer weather conditions.  I did also test it out during the crazy, humid heat wave we just had here in NY and I was not completely frizz free, but it helped.

Click Here to see a video from John Frieda that shows you how to get soft waves using this product.

The verdict?
I really like it! It is not going to be a miracle frizz fighter for crazy humid days, but on most days it does the job.  What I really love is how it makes my hair feel.  My hair feels smooth and soft and it looks so much healthier when I use this.  I will certainly be purchasing this when I run out.

You can find John Frieda Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Lightweight Frizz Control in most drugstores for about $9.99.

Have you tried this before?
What is your go to frizz fighter?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Alphabet Challenge: C is for Chelsea and D is for The Donmar by Nails Inc - Swatches and Review

The lovely Gosia from Life In Color started a nail challenge that I am so exited to join! Check out her post HERE for all the details and rules, but in a nutshell, we will be posting our polishes in alphabetical order by color name.  You can combine polishes like I did today :)
I used The Donmar Collection that I bought at Sephora, though sadly it looks like it is no longer available.
The set includes Chelsea, a plum black and The Donmar, a "red" and green flakie.  I saw green for sure, but also yellow and orange. I didn't see any red, but I love it as is! Red and green would be fun for the holidays, though.
I started with 2 coats of Chelsea. The first coat was plum black, but after the second coat, it was pretty much just black.  The formula was very smooth and easy to work with.
Then I layered one coat of The Donmar over top. LOVE!
Here you can see the lovely green glow.
And, here the amber tones come out a bit more.
You can click any of the photos to enlarge them.
Love it! Obviously I don't stick strictly to seasonal colors, but I do see myself reaching for this pair much more often in the Fall and Winter.

Check out what the other participants did for this challenge! Want to join in the fun? You can jump in anytime! Just let me or one of the other ladies know so we can add you to the list and link to your blog.