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Birchbox Swatches and Review: January 2015

Birchbox January 2015

Balance Me: Wonder Eye Cream
Sample Size 7ml - Full Size 15ml $38

This product is exclusive to Birchbox.  This anti-aging eye cream promises to fight fine lines and wrinkles and to brighten dark under eye circles.  And, it is made using 99% natural ingredients.  You just dab a little bit to your under eye area, avoiding your lash line.  I don't have dark circles or eye wrinkles so I can't say I've seen results, but it does feel nice and hydrating.  I have been quite neglectful of my skin care routine recently, but for most of my life (since my early 20's) I have used an eye cream daily and I attribute my lack of eye wrinkles to that.  I have been enjoying this cream and will continue to use it.  It is still a maybe for me as far as purchasing the full size.

When: Travelmate Sheet Mask
Sample Size 1 Mask - Full Size (4 Masks) $28

This sheet mask promises to sooth and nourish your skin with natural botanicals.  After you cleanse your face, apply the sheet mask and leave it on for 20-30 minutes.  When you remove the mask, do not rinse your face.  Instead massage the remaining serum into your skin.  I was pleasantly surprised by this mask!  It is certainly not a flimsy paper mask!  It is heavy duty and definitely not skimpy on the serum!  $28 seems like a lot for 4 masks, but it really is like an at home spa treatment.  After using it my skin felt noticeably softer and more hydrated.  The scent was really pleasant, too.  I have to admit, I wasn't too excited when I saw this in my box this month, but it turned out to be my favorite item this month! I definitely want to check out more from this brand.

Briogeo: Don't Despair, Repair!
Sample Size 1 oz. - Full Size 5.25 oz.$26

This hydrating hair mask promises to strengthen and condition your hair with a blend of natural botanicals.  You use it in the shower after shampooing.  Just leave it on 3-5 minutes before rinsing.  It can be left in your hair for up to 20 minutes for deeper conditioning but I just used the 5 minute method.  My hair was very soft and smooth afterward.  It was a nice, pampering treat.  I really am not at all fussy with my hair.  Most of the time I don't even use conditioner so I know I wouldn't take the time to use this on a regular basis.  I do like getting hair care and styling products in my sample boxes, though because it pushes me to actually use them and deluxe samples are the perfect size for my rare usage.

Manna Kadar: Lip Locked - All of You
Sample Size .01 oz. - 1.2 oz. Full Size $24

This claims to be an all in one lip product - primer, stain and gloss that is packed with vitamins and berry extracts. I definitely like it, but not enough to purchase the full size, especially at $24!  It goes on really smooth and feels really comfortable on my lips, but I would describe it as a liquid lipstick.  The coverage of the color is good and it is long lasting, but it is definitely not glossy.  The color is a pinky, nude but it is just slightly too warm in color to be a favorite for me.  All in all, this one was just ok for me.

Whish: Three Wishes Body Butter - Almond
Sample Size 22ml - Full Size 150ml $24

This organic, anti-oxidant rich body butter promises to firm, soften and soothe.  I really love the natural, slightly sweet almond scent of this body butter.  Not too strong or too faint, just right :)  There is quite a long list of fragrance choices in this line of body butters.  I do really like Almond and that would be my first choice if I was choosing (good job Birchbox!) Blueberry sounds like another one I would like to try. As far as its performance, it absorbs easily and is surprisingly not greasy at all.  Quite unexpected from a body butter.  I'm always skeptical when a cream promises to firm, but this cream has organic seaweed extract listed as its firming ingredient.  Its moisturizing ingredients are organic shea butter, organic raspberry butter and organic aloe.  My skin is so, so dry this time of year so I really put this one to the test!  It moisturizes very well as an all over body butter and even did well as a hand cream.  It was not quite moisturizing enough for my poor, dry feet, but very few creams are this time of year :(  Overall, I would recommend this body cream and would definitely buy the full size myself.  I'm very curious about the Blueberry scent!

So, that's about it! Do you subscribe to Birchbox?
What did you get this month?

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