Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Planner Accessory Haul from Kikki K and Target

Today I wanted to share some of the cute accessories that I picked up for my planner.  I thought I would share them with you while they are shiny and new and then you can see how I use them in my planner later :)

First up are the items I ordered from Kikki.K 

I got this set of 2 note pads because I really wanted a refill for the note pad that came with my Large Kikki K Planner.  I thought I would go through those pages pretty quickly and I wanted a back up.  The little "today" note pad was just a bonus :)  

I love this note pad!  I think it is a great tool to break down your bigger goals into smaller steps that will get you there!  I totally get overwhelmed with big, lofty goals and then beat myself up for never achieving them... or never even trying to.  It is all about the baby steps!  One of my goals this year is to Eat Healthier.  To me that means: cook more often, try new recipes, eat out/get take out less.  So that means better meal planning, better grocery shopping and taking the time to find new recipes.  Finding new recipes should be in my reward section! I love reading cook books, magazines, blogs, scanning pinterest (for days) But, my point is, it is all about baby steps.  Eating Healthier is a great goal, an attainable goal, but it doesn't just *poof* happen.  I think this notepad is going to be a great planning tool for this goal and many others!

So many uses for this little notepad!  You could track nine "habits" over one week or one "habit" over nine weeks.  I love that it has a reward section, too.  Haha, that is so me!  I totally do that in my head all. the. time.  Fold the laundry? Work on my Project Life Album!  Mop the kitchen floor?  Well then I'm watching some Real Housewives of Wherever!  Life is all about the rewards.  Am I right?!

I love this idea!  I had to buy these because they are so cute and using them in my planner will be quick and easy, but I think I'm going to try to get crafty and make my own version.  I have sooo many neglected stamps in my collection and I'm sure I have something I could use to craft my own.  I need to put some of my stamps to work!

I just love these notebooks.  They have lined pages and stitched binding.  I love the gold foil quotes on the front. So beautiful, so inspiring.  They will be perfect to tuck into the back of my large planner.

I love, love, love the gold foil on these stickers!  I think they will be adorable in my planner and on my Project Life pages.

If you want to see a flip through of the whole sticker book, check out my video below.

I picked up a few items at Target as well, mostly from the dollar spot.

I got a couple notebooks.  
The turquoise one was $3.99 and it is the only thing that I got that wasn't $1.  It has lined paper inside.  The "Jot it Down" notebook has blank pages inside.

I got a package of gold heart doilies that have the word "love" embossed on the center. And, that's a 2pack of sticky notes! I thought that was a great deal for $1!

I simply can't resist mint and gold so I got this 2pack of black pens which I hope write well.  And, I couldn't resist this tag set.  I thought they would be cute in my planner as well as on my Project Life pages.

Here's a video of the items I purchased if you want to get a closer look...

Now that I have shared my shiny, new goodies, I can't wait to play with them!  So, I'm off to plan!  After I personalize and organize my planner I'll share it here!

I would love to see your planners!  Feel free to leave your links below in the comments!

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